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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Property


Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment with the Latest Outdoor Sound Systems

While concert halls like Vienna’s Musikverein are universally recognized as the best in the world, outdoor concert venues also rank high in popularity, one of these being the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Attending an outdoor concert imparts a sense of freedom, listening to music as it floats through the air and drifts away. 

Wherever we are, at the best concert venues the world offers or in our homes, music has the ability to transport and inspire us, freeing us from our cares or bringing back memories from long ago. It can motivate or relax, keeping us jogging that last mile or melting into the hammock at day’s end. 

Recognizing the power music holds, homeowners turn to The Premier Group to create indoor and outdoor sound systems that bring high-fidelity music to every corner of their property. Are you ready to experience crystal-clear, detailed music no matter where you roam? For those who need some inspiration when swimming laps, we can even install high-performance speakers in your pool. 

Let’s explore the latest outdoor sound systems and how they're changing how homeowners and their families in Carmel, IN, enjoy their outdoor spaces. 

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Let Your Home Light the Way with Lighting Automation

An illuminated living area with varying light fixtures

Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Activity

Lighting plays an integral role in our home's aesthetics and functionality, yet little has changed in how we control it since the light switch was invented in 1917. Or, has it? For those who live in a smart home and have embraced lighting automation, much has changed. 

Let’s explore what this evolution means to homeowners in Fishers, IN, and why now may be the time to replace your light switches with the beauty and ease of today’s smart lighting control.

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Explore the Possibilities in Today’s Home Audio-Video

A chic living room with a large gray couch, floor-standing speakers, an in-wall fireplace, and a large TV.

Experience First-Class Home Entertainment

Today’s home entertainment has moved far beyond the “one remote for every device” mindset. Thanks to smart homes, internet connections, and streaming services, our entertainment systems have transformed into whole home high-definition splendor and high-resolution audio. Today, home audio-video sources are tucked away from view, and every device is controlled from one simple, intuitive interface. Times have definitely changed. 

At The Premier Group, we specialize in designing first-class home entertainment systems. These range from whole-home audio-video systems to home theaters that rival the best cinemas in Fishers, IN. Media rooms offer spaces with the latest AV equipment hidden from view until ready for use, and outdoor entertainment systems rival their indoor equivalents. We believe the design is as important as the sound and images that leave you breathless. 

Let's explore a few options and determine what entertainment system might be right for you. 

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Does Your Home Network Need an Upgrade?


An Enterprise-Grade Home Network Installation Ensures Corner-to-Corner Coverage

There was a time when our connected devices consisted of a laptop or two and a desktop. Those times have changed. According to a 2022 Deloitte survey, the average number of connected devices in U.S. households is 22. If you live in a smart home, your internet-connected devices grow exponentially. This connection is vital for your home to function effectively, including your home’s security, lighting, climate, and entertainment. 

Does your current home network installation provide the bandwidth your smart home requires? Let's explore the signs suggesting your home network needs an upgrade and how to ensure fast and reliable internet coverage corner-to-corner.

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