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3 Lighting Control Options That Save Energy

Quiet home study with dimmed lighting and motorized shades.

Learn How Dimmers, Sensors, and Timers Create an Energy-Efficient Home 

Investing in a lighting control system is an excellent option to save money on your energy bills. When paired with dimmers, sensors, and timers, smart lighting control boosts your home’s energy efficiency by turning off lights when not in use and dimming them for less energy consumption.

Continue reading to learn how smart lighting creates a comfortable home environment, makes your life more convenient, and even reduces the energy bill for your home in Indianapolis, IN.

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Do You Need Elevated Seating in Your Home Theater?

A luxury home theater with elevated home theater seating.

How to Bring Tiered Seating to Your Private Cinema 

When you walk into a commercial movie theater, you’ll likely look up at many rows of elevated seats. Some cinemas are large (like AMC), while indie theaters are smaller. But wherever you sit, you’ll have a clear view of the screen thanks to the raised elevation. Even if the person in front of you is wearing a pom-pom hat or tall ponytail, you should still be able to see the movie without distraction.  

The same can be true of home theaters, but many homeowners skip elevated seating. If you’d like to have more than one row of theater seating, it’s a good idea to add an elevated platform for a comfortable experience. 

As a home theater company in the Zionsville, IN area, we design perfectly-angled platforms for tiered rows of seating. In this article, we’ll share how risers work and why they benefit home theater seating

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Our Ultimate Guide to Custom Home Theaters

A home theater with leather seating, a projector on the ceiling and large projector screen.

The Premier Group’s Best Advice for Installing a New Home Theater 

We may not know all the answers to the universe, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s home theaters. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone in Indiana more in tune with home theaters than our team at The Premier Group. Who needs an AMC? Our home installations are the best theaters in Carmel and the surrounding areas.  

We’ve written countless times on our blog about home theater technology—what speakers to use, how to improve acoustics, etc. So we’ve decided to round up our best articles for a complete guide to custom home theaters.  

If you have a question about private cinemas, we have an answer for you! 

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The Benefits of Layered Lighting in a Home’s Design

A home’s well-lit entryway and front door.

Bring Beauty and Intrigue to Your Home with the Right Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the most important design elements in your home. For some, that’s a surprising statement. After all, we usually spend much more time picking out our furniture, color scheme and window coverings.

But what would our Zionsville, IN, home look like without the right lighting design? How would we feel without the natural light peering through our windows and the diffuse ambient light that filters through our room? What about the task lighting that creates the perfect space for us to perform life's many activities?

When designed correctly, lighting sets the mood and provides the proper illumination for every anticipated activity and desired ambiance. This requires a deep knowledge of layered lighting and how the many fixtures, colors, and temperatures work together to create spaces that appear to illuminate from within.

Let’s explore the different aspects of layered lighting and how it affects your home.

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