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Why You Should Work With The Premier Group for AV Installations


Expert craftsmanship sets our audio-video installation apart.

Looking for an audio-video installation? While you can go online or to any big box store to find the latest 4K OLED TVs, that doesn’t create a complete and professionally installed experience, and you might not get to enjoy the levels of calibration and control that come from working with The Premier Group.

As Fisher, IN's leading technology installer and advocate, we can take your project to the next level. Don't be afraid of loose wires, poor connections, or hard-to-maintain technology -- we make it simple.

Want to find out why you should work with The Premier Group? Keep reading!

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Efficient Installation

Smart technology is so simple to use; many homeowners believe it must also be easy to install. And, to be fair, much of the marketing surrounding the latest devices implies precisely that. But the truth is, many of the systems are more complicated than they look -- including when they involve connecting to your wired and wireless network, and especially if you want to integrate with a simple control system.   

Choosing the right devices, cutting into your wall, and dealing with wires, becomes difficult and time-consuming. What you thought would be a weekend project bloats into a multi-month slog. But when you work with the Premier Group, installation is professional and efficient.

Developing your project is the first part. We sit and listen to what you want -- not just the devices, but what you want to do with it. That helps us determine the best approach for your system and what tools can help you achieve your goals.  We carry all the mainstream products you know and love, and some specialized products maybe you didn’t know were available that might enhance your experience. 

After the discovery process, we execute a plan. Once approved, you can count on us to take the lead. Efficient, easy, and on-time, The Premier Group delivers the best technology experience.

Structured Cabling, Device Priority, and More

What makes an AV installation from The Premier Group better? We think about and take care of all the complexities so you don't have to. In other words, once we know what you want, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the incredible performance and control of your systems.

Many homeowners overlook the complexities of cabling. As part of a smart AV system, cables will likely run throughout your house. We employ the latest structured cabling techniques to hide wires and more. Additionally, these centralized structures make your system much more organized and easy to maintain, so upgrading it in the future is not a hassle.

Plus, you have to consider how you'll manage all the traffic on your network. Even though your system is mostly digital, it also has to process a wide variety of network traffic including streaming music and video, cameras, mobile, and other Wi-Fi devices, smart home controls, and more. By prioritizing the devices you need most, we can help your entire system run more efficiently.

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