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Which Speaker System Should I Use for Multi-room Music?


There are so many multi-room music systems on the market today. But only a few manufacturers stand out from the rest, providing the ultimate value.  When you are getting ready to add music to your whole home, its important to consider these three factors in an audio system: purpose, quality, and performance.

Purpose comes first because once you determine where and how the speakers are going to be used, you can make an informed decision. The quality of the brand matters because you want your equipment to last a long time and also avoid constant repairs or upgrades. And lastly, the speakers of course must sound incredible. Theres only one more aspect you have to take into account, which is the audio/video installer youll be working with. But you dont have to look any further. The Premier Group has extensive experience with all kinds of sound systems and will ensure your smart home is ready for entertaining and relaxing in your Indianapolis, Indiana home. 

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Whole House Music

Sonance is our preferred speaker brand because you can use their systems for every space, and they also integrate into your smart home perfectly. This brand is popular among interior designers because the options we have to choose from seamlessly blend into your home and dont affect the aesthetic of the room. Sonance has created both invisible speakers that are completely undetectable to the human eye, and in-ceiling architectural speakers that match the size and shape of your recessed lighting.

The invisible series of speakers is ideal if you want to conceal your audio components, but keep in mind that the quality of the sound will be slightly affected. In the audio world, its always best to avoid placing any barriers between the grill and space. The architectural speakers, on the other hand, expose the grille, but you can paint them any color to match the wall. Our staff will also install the speakers in alignment with the lights, so the sound is evenly dispersed and arranged in an orderly layout. The reason we install multiple in-ceiling speakers throughout the room is because youll hear even sound coverage with several smaller speakers and they will also be less noticeable. In a room with just two in-ceiling speakers, you may hear the music louder in one corner and much softer in another area.

Home Theater

No whole home audio plan is complete without adding surround sound to your media room or home theater. Sonance has created the Visual Performance Cinema Series to deliver amazing sound quality while featuring a low-profile aesthetic that is consistent with other speakers throughout your smart home. These in-wall speakers feature an integrated cabinet design that reduces sound transfer to adjoining rooms. So you can turn up the volume in your home theater or media room and not have to worry about bothering the other members of your household. These sound systems are purpose-built; you can choose from in-wall speakers that blend into the wall, just like the architectural series or keep them in custom cabinetry. If you arent ready to add six or seven speakers to your home theater, Sonance offers an impressive soundbar that will complement a flat-screen TV.

Outdoor Audio

Though its starting to get cold outside and you may want to drink a hot cup of cocoa inside instead of hanging by the pool, keep in mind that The Premier Group has Sonances line of outdoor audio too.  It’s never too early to start planning.  To learn more about the Sonance Landscape Series, read this blog:

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