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Which Smart Home Automation System Is the Best?


Comparing Control4 and Crestron

We see lots of products today labeled ‘smart home technology.’ From Nest thermostats to Philips Hue LEDs, these products can be controlled through remotes or phone apps. Many of them can be incorporated into a smart home automation system, but none of these devices on their own will make your home actually ‘smart.’

There are, however, brands that can sync all your technology for a truly automated home. Control4 and Crestron are arguably the most talked-about names in the market. Both Control4 and Crestron can control your lights, audio, thermostats, TVs, security devices, and much more.

But which is best for your house? The Premier Group is one of the few Control4 and Crestron dealers in Indiana with a certified showroom. We’ll share the differences and similarities between both systems so you can find the perfect solution for your Fishers-area home.

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What Control4 & Crestron Have in Common

Both automation systems can integrate most lighting, security, climate control, and TV devices from popular manufacturers. Both have a large, embedded customer base of homeowners and businesses, so you don’t have to worry about investing in a brand that may not be supported in the future. You’ll change lighting, music, and shades at the touch of a button from a remote, wall switch, phone app, or voice command. From there, you’re free to create custom scenes to relive and schedule for specific times of the day.

How They Work

The brains of your Control4 or Crestron system are housed inside the controller, which resembles a DVD player. It manages your smart home automation system, allowing all your electronic devices to work together. A professional integrator will connect all your technology to the controller, and from there, you’ll access and activate the system via the operating system on a tablet or phone.

How Control4 Is Different  

While both systems are similar, each has its advantages. Control4 has invested significantly in lighting in recent years and offers keypads with ambient light sensors. The sensors allow backlighting to turn up or down based on the lighting conditions in the room. Compared to other brands, Control4 can connect to more automated door locks, and if you’re interested in a whole-home intercom, Control4 is the superior choice. Control4’s wall and tabletop panels include two-way audio and video and can be used in tandem with a video doorbell.

How Crestron Stands Out

Crestron is commonly used in vast luxury homes due to its infinitely customizable software with a wide range of products. Unlike Control4’s standard interface, Crestron’s user interface is actually determined by your integrator—the company you hire to design and install the system. This allows for more creativity and flexibility, tailoring the system to your lifestyle. But make sure the end result is easy to use for your whole family.

Crestron has also created its own lighting system, which largely emulates the popular smart lighting brand, Lutron. You can either use Crestron’s built-in lighting capabilities or sync Lutron lighting fixtures to Crestron. Crestron is also favored for its military-grade network security connections, keeping your tech safe from hackers.

Choosing the Right Smart System for Your Home

Crestron is a greater investment than Control4 but is much more customizable. If that’s not important to you, then Control4 would make an excellent choice. In all, you can feel comfortable selecting either Control4 or Crestron, but we’d advise against collecting a handful of plug-and-play devices from the store. With Control4 or Crestron, you’re choosing a sophisticated platform that can dramatically enhance daily life.

The next step is to choose a smart home integrator with the experience and knowledge to install such a system. If you’re located near Fishers, IN, visit The Premier Group’s showroom and contact us here to learn more! We look forward to working with you.

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