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Which Security Camera Should I Choose?


Every surveillance camera has a specific purpose, but do you know what each one is used for? We don’t recommend you use the same type of security camera in each area of your Indianapolis, IN property. In this blog, we will cover the different types of cameras and where you should use them. Only a security and surveillance professional will be able to install these cameras properly and tie them to an integrated system for quick and easy access. Keep reading to learn more.

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Types of Cameras

Fixed Cameras

These cameras are fixed in one location, so they are aptly named. Since the camera does not move, it focuses on one area. The simple design means that they are highly reliable and require less maintenance. These cameras are best used in areas that you would like to consistently monitor—such as entryways or windows. To cover a larger area, install a series of fixed cameras in key locations.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ stands for “pan, tilt, zoom,” so the camera can cover a greater range than their fixed counterparts. The camera can zoom in on an object or person at your command using wireless controls, or scan the area automatically. They can also be programmed to patrol a specific area in various time increments. These cameras can cover large areas, like large rooms or backyards, and still capture smaller details. The major drawback is that since they move, moments can be missed on video—if only for a minor period of time.

360-Degree Cameras

Instead of focusing in on one set location, or moving around periodically like the PTZ cameras, these can capture the entire room in one shot. All of the recorded images are combined for a full and continuous view of one large area. Often, these cameras will allow you to zoom in on the picture after the fact. A professional will be able to place these cameras in the best locations to properly record entire rooms or outdoor areas.

Where to Use Them

A second point to consider is how your camera will be housed, or how it will look to outsiders. If a person breaks into your home, will they be able to see the camera or will it be invisible to them?  Dome cameras can be a powerful deterrent for potential criminals since they don’t know exactly which area they are recording. Both 360-degree and PZT cameras are good candidates to use a dome housing. Bullet cameras, on the other hand, are typically cylindrical in shape and point to the area that they are filming.

Discreet cameras are in a category of their own since they are hidden. The intruder won’t know they are being watched, which can be beneficial as well. You can also use discreet cameras to monitor hired help, like babysitters or maintenance workers to make sure they don’t steal anything and do their job per your guidelines.

Some discreet cameras are made to look like smoke detectors or motions sensors. Some look like nothing at all, like pinhole lenses or lenses mounted flush with your wall or ceiling.

Choosing the right camera for your Indiana home can be a challenge. Find the right version for your property by partnering with The Premier Group. Contact us today to get started.

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