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What Speaker Setup Works Best in a Multi-media Room?


With over 15 years of experience configuring media rooms and home theaters in the Carmel, Indianapolis, Zionsville, Geist, and just about anywhere in the surrounding Indianapolis area, The Premier Group is determined to be your resource for all of your integrated entertainment solutions, including whole house music. Want to know what options there are for a high-end audio distribution solution? Or a high-end audio solution that creates a more engaging cinematic experience for the entire family? Grab the popcorn and let’s get started.

At The Premier Group, we know that there are few things more luxurious than experiencing a movie the way Hollywood intended, especially when your front row seat is your own media room! Thus, the compliment to a crisp clear picture, is crisp clear sound. Whether the rumbling of an avalanche from an action movie set in the Swiss Alps or the dramatic orchestra crescendo of emotional music playing when two lovers reunite – you deserve to hear it all.

5.1 And 7.1 Surround Sound Setup

For a dedicated home theater room or media room that will be the envy of all your neighbors, a five channel surround setup is the most appropriate. Nothing can compete with the depth and breadth of sound that a surround system can provide. A full five channel (5.1) system is built with three front speakers (left, right and center), two surround speakers, and a subwoofer for all of those mega blockbuster car-chasing scenes. A 7.1 or seven channel surround system uses the same front configuration, but splits the surround and rear speakers into four distinct channels, enveloping the listening area, and adding that much more depth and richness.

Subwoofers are critical to the experience and can be coupled with full-range front speakers for bass balance, or set up to handle all the bass independently. Just a tip: make sure to keep the subwoofer away from the wall for a clearer, cleaner sound. Your bass (and neighbors) will thank you.

2 Channel Systems

What if you have more limited space but still desire quality sound reproduction in a smaller room like a man cave, office, or a study? Even the most modest single purpose two-channel setup paired with an A/V receiver would bring clarity to your sound that your built-in television speakers couldn’t even get close to.

Most receivers are auto-sensing and will automatically go into surround sound mode when a movie is activated into a connected Blu-ray, set-top box, or streaming media player. The receiver can also convert to a two-channel system when listening to music or other appropriate source. And if you decide to upgrade from a two-channel system, additional speakers and a subwoofer are an easy addition for an experienced integrator.

Audio enthusiasts and cinephiles know that multi-channel systems are a necessity for a multi-media room. No matter the setup you choose, our team at The Premier Group understands that each system must be designed within specific parameters and will assist you to achieve your desired results.

Give us a call today so we can help build you a beautiful entertainment system certain to make your media room the ultimate party spot in your circle of friends.  



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