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What Speaker Options Provide the Best Music Streaming Experience?

What Speaker Options Provide the Best Music Streaming Experience?

When it comes to music, you always have options, and the same goes for speaker systems that can stream your favorite music channels and services. The Premier Group has a variety of products you can choose from to install in your home around Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here are two different ways you can set up a speaker system in your house for music streaming, and some of the amazing benefits you get from this technology.

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Sonance Speakers Elegantly Blend into Decor

Sonance offers a cost-effective way to install a whole house music system, including outdoor setups. Their signature speakers can blend into any interior design since they can be installed in the ceiling, the walls, and outside in nature.

Sonance also has an architectural line that features a discreet opening system, giving incredible sonic performance while avoiding the disruption of your room’s style. These speakers have an aesthetic that exactly matches the size of round or square in-celling lights and can be installed with dry wall to match the interior perfectly.

This music system is also an ideal setup for parties and events because you can stream music playlists throughout your entire property. Your guests won’t even know where the music is coming from since Sonance hides their technology so well.

During the week, every member of the household can control the audio in each room for different activities, like 80s power soundtracks in the workout room, sports radio on the patio, or classical music in the kitchen.   


Sonos Delivers HiFi Sound for Every Room

Sonos stands out amongst all the others with its wireless capabilities. You can stream music from any source—like Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM Radio, and personal MP3s—to any room. They make it easy for every person in the house to listen to any playlist in any space. Everything can be controlled with a free app that is available on Apple and Android devices. Now all of your family and friends can easily create playlists, shuffle songs, and control music from one easy-to-use app.

Sonos has designed the system so you can start small and then go big. It’s easy to purchase a speaker or two for one room and then add on to the system in the future. Begin with the PLAY: 1 speaker and then work your way up to the nine-speaker system PLAYBAR for an entertainment room.

Since Sonos operates on a wireless network, it is important to have a reliable Internet connection. But in cases where the Internet is unreliable, Sonos can create its own wireless network that all the speakers can use to communicate to each other. This system proves to be both solid and adaptable.

Whichever audio setup you decide to go with, The Premier Group professionals will be there to help you design and install a whole house music system that works well with your lifestyle and satisfies your needs. Simply call us at (317) 580-1032 or fill out the contact form on our website. We’d love to get you dancing to your next playlist.

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