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What Really Matters About Your TV When You Watch the Super Bowl

What Really Matters About Your TV When You Watch the Super Bowl

There are some basic essentials when it comes to installing home theater systems, like surround sound, a large 4K screen, and automated controls. But there are some more granular details you want to consider before you buy that large flat-screen TV. Since the holidays are here, many families in Indianapolis, IN will be out shopping for the best deals on TVs. We want you to be informed about which aspects matter. The Super Bowl will be here faster than you think! If you aren’t satisfied with your current home theater setup, The Premier Group can help. Keep reading to learn more.

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The Pixel Count

The number of pixels on your screen matters. Why? Because the higher the pixel count, the clearer the image will be. Ultra HD screens have the highest pixel count right now—about 3,840 by 2160. If you have a standard TV, or even an HD one, you can benefit from upgrading to 4K resolution. You’ll be able to enjoy the Super Bowl with even more clarity and definition.

High-dynamic Range

High-dynamic range, also known as HDR, increases the difference between the brightest whites and the darkest blacks on your television, which ends up widening the range of colors you see. Even if you do purchase a 4K TV, without HDR the details and colors won’t pop like they should. Because of the high contrast ratio, the details will be more vivid. 

High Frame Rate

High frame rate will have a huge impact on your experience watching sports. The problem was high definition screens looked amazing when the image was still, but as soon as there was fast-paced action, the detail was lost. As one frame went to the next, you’d see blurry images. HFR solves this problem by increasing the number of visible frames played back at the same time. The standard football game is played back at 60 frames per second (fps), but you usually only watch it at 24 fps. By installing an HFR cable TV, you can watch the defensive end sack the quarterback in full detail at rates of over 60 fps. 

To prepare for the biggest football game of the year, contact The Premier Group. We can provide the very best TV screens, speakers, and controls that you can’t even find in local stores. And, you won’t have to fight people over the best deals. We’ll come right to your Indiana home and install your home theater for you. 

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