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Update Your Media Room to Improve Home Entertainment


Find Out Which Premium Brands You Need for Your Home Media Systems

Holidays, family gatherings, and sports! They all reach their highpoint at the end of the year. With so many upcoming activities going on in your house, you need a space that accommodates everyone and provides incredible home entertainment. Media rooms and home theaters need to have the best technologies to create a space that amazes.

But what brands are the best for your home in Carmel, IN? Even though many premium brands are on the market, we’ll highlight a few of our top choices for most home media systems. Keep reading for a high-level overview of audio, video, acoustics, and décor.

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Surprise Yourself with the Sights!

Sure, you could put a regular 4K TV in your media space, but why? If you want to watch the play-by-play action of your sports team, enjoy the captivating visual detail of a new movie release, or binge-watch the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, you need to do it right! Sony offers a range of UHD TVs with HDR (and OLED) that deliver high color, contrast, and brightness. Also, Sony has developed MotionFlow technology, giving you seamless picture quality. So, there’s no blur during action scenes!

High-end projectors are also in Sony’s wheelhouse. Some of the models they offer are ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors. Instead of the projector hanging from the ceiling, the UST projector sits in on a cabinet or table close to the wall. Turn it on, and it projects an image as large as 120” – crystal clear from end to end. Add a film screen from Screen Innovations, and everything on the display “pops” with outstanding realism.

So Much Sound in One Space

“Turn up the TV!” You’ll never hear that in your home theater or media room. When you have speakers from Bowers & Wilkins or Sonance, you’ll always hear everything – music, dialogue, and sound effects – in fantastic detail. The setup and brand choice depend on the space and your preference, but both are premium brands that will not disappoint.

For instance, Bowers & Wilkins is known for its ground-breaking and earth-shaking loudspeakers. They go nicely in any media space, especially when you want an auditory and visual experience. They are sleekly designed to capture attention, yet the engineers paid particular care to all the intricacies of developing a perfect cabinet for high-end sound.

Sonance, on the other hand, designs high-end speakers that blend in with your room’s design. In fact, their Invisible Series speakers actually disappear into the walls and ceilings. You won’t see them, but you’ll certainly experience premium sound when you watch a movie or listen to music.

Creating a Sensational Space

Don’t settle for a few regular couches. That’s no way to top off your home media space! Acoustic Innovations is a company that blends acoustic treatment and room aesthetics to create the perfect viewing and listening experience every time. From classic and art deco to modern and themed styles, your room can be anything you want it to be. The company designs and manufactures theater seating, acoustic panels, star ceilings, wallscapes, columns, cabinets, and so much more.

Make your home media system one that appeals to the sights, sounds, and sensations you crave. Find out more by calling The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form.

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