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Transforming Your Home for Every Occasion with Great Lighting Design

A bathroom with varying light fixtures and a chandelier over the tub.

The Difference Extraordinary Lighting Makes

While technology and automation play a critical role in creating the perfect environment that’s effortless to control, it’s the design element that brings a home to life, particularly in the realm of lighting. As the artist and director, Aaron Rose, said, “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

At The Premier Group, we combine beautiful architectural fixtures with varying hues and intensities of light, ensuring each light is effortless to control and changeable for every occasion. Let’s explore the makings of a well-lit home and the difference extraordinary lighting design can make.

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The Mood

Despite the varying furniture or color design, when you walk into a room, it’s the lights that set the mood. A room bathed in warm, inviting light can immediately put you at ease. Conversely, a room with harsh, direct lighting can create a sense of angst or overload. 

Setting the mood our clients envision requires an artistic eye. The knowledge comes from looking at hundreds of homes and coming to know how to bring out their best features. It requires getting to know our clients and the mood they want to elicit for the varying activities that define their lives. 

Consider a photographer who goes out at the break of dawn or stays late into the evening, waiting for hours, if not days, for the perfect shot that’s created with just the right lighting. That same care and attention to detail should also be part of your home’s lighting design.

Blending Art and Technology

Our design team gets to know your lifestyle and your family’s day-to-day activities, the many tasks performed throughout the day. Then, we set about creating the perfect environment and lighting for your many-faceted affairs. We gather information, like how you want your home to appear to guests when sharing a meal or hosting a business event. 

This includes the types of lighting fixtures needed to be in harmony with the aesthetics and design elements of every room. At The Premier Group, we partner with industry leaders in home automation, lighting, and audio-video technology to ensure our clients enjoy the latest cutting-edge solutions. In lighting fixtures one of those brands is Tech Lighting. Their timeless and refined designs include architectural and artistic elements like hand-blown glass, Unilume LED accent and task lighting, and exquisite chandeliers, some inspired by lotus flowers.

We'll highlight your home's best architectural features and optimize the use of natural light, setting the stage for every mood, activity, and situation. Then, with one-touch control, you can select the desired scene via a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, remote, or by voice control.. For example, tap the “Dinner Party” button (or say “Dinner Party”) and your lighting, shades, and music create the perfect environment.

As a lighting design and home automation firm with over 23 years of experience, we take pride in providing the easiest-to-use automation, lighting, and audio-video solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives while creating beautiful and entertaining spaces. To learn more about the latest lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Premier Group today. 

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