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Three Ideas to Incorporate Lights into Your Interior Design

Three Ideas to Incorporate Lights into Your Interior Design

There are a lot of elements to consider when it comes to decorating your home’s spaces. Color, fabrics, furniture, and art are all essential pieces. But have you dedicated time to designing your lighting—including fixture selection, switches and dimmers, settings, and layouts? Comprehensive lighting design is an important part of creating a cohesive style in your room.

The good news is that The Premier Group is here to help Indiana families incorporate high-tech and beautiful lighting systems into their new construction or current house. Here are three ideas on how to use automated lighting in your interior design.

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1.  Get Creative with Cool Controls

Crestron lighting controls help rooms look their best, while providing comfort and enjoyment for everyone in the space. By installing a sleek keypad or touch screen on the wall, you’ll eliminate wall clutter and simplify your environment. The control pad will blend into the room instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

We can also program specific settings into your system so that in one touch you can control your environment and create an ambiance for different occasions and activities. For example, press the scene “Dinnertime” and the system will dim the lights over your beautiful table arrangement for a fancy dinner party. With soft lighting and a great music playlist going, your guests are sure to feel relaxed and enjoy themselves. Whether you are entertaining some friends, getting your day started in the morning, or preparing for an evening movie, Crestron lighting controls add beauty and comfort to any area in your house.

2.  Decorate With Dimmers

Lighting levels are a big part of setting the mood in your home. Bright lighting can invigorate you while soft lighting can make you feel relaxed. Crestron wireless dimmers make it easy to enhance your lighting and control your environment for every occasion.  We offer wireless solutions for automating and controlling LEDs, track lighting, floor and table lamps, sconces, spotlights and outdoor lighting. With this technology, you can access every lighting fixture in your home and dim lighting levels from your keypad on the wall, smartphone, or other mobile device.

3.  Make Amazing Arrangements

Lighting levels and special settings can do a lot to enhance your decor, but the location you install your lights and the overall design of the layout also plays a large part on how your room ends up looking. If you have a lot of artwork in your home, we can put lights around the hanging displays to illuminate the beauty of the pieces. In the kitchen, our team can place under-cabinet lighting to add touches of beauty and give you better visibility as you cook.

Whichever furnishing you want to bring attention to, The Premier Group can help by providing the perfect design for your spaces. We work with builders, architects, and interior designers to integrate your entire home with automation. So if you have a specific theme or design style you want, we can make the vision for your home happen.


Do you want to include home automation technology in your decorating plans? Contact The Premier Group and we can make your lights simply beautiful, yet powerful enough to brighten your world.


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