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The Smart Home Control Forecast For 2018


The new year is upon us, and that means you’ll be enjoying all kinds of new technology in the coming months.

With smart home control now a pretty common aspect of everyday life, whether you’re in Indianapolis, IN or abroad, it’s no surprise many pieces of tech are getting refined in 2018.

If you’re curious about what you can expect this year, and how you may want to upgrade your system, this is the blog for you.

Just keep reading to find the coolest new trends coming your way soon.

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For Your Security System

Safety is a top priority for many homeowners. Whether you want to keep an eye on your home while you’re out of town, or you just want to ensure that everything’s cared for when you go to bed, smart surveillance can help.

But surveillance is inherently reactionary. It doesn’t do much good until after something has gone wrong. It simply provides a record of events.

That is, until now.

Predictive analytics software is on the rise in 2018. Artificial intelligence technology helps analyze and predict events before they occur.

That means if someone is hovering around your front gate, your system can determine the likelihood that they’ll try to enter and provide you with the appropriate notifications.

For Your Living Room

One of the most important pieces of smart technology in your home is the motorized shading system.

Shades do a lot more than look good. They provide privacy, help protect from dangerous UV rays and help manage energy costs.

But in 2018, we may be waving goodbye to shades altogether.

Self-tinting glass is the next step in smart window treatments. That means the glass itself can become more opaque or transparent with the touch of a button.

Some scientists are even developing ways to change colors within glass, which means you could soon be replacing your TV with your windows.

But for now, maybe just start with the shades.

For Your Media Room

A media room is a fun and versatile way to enjoy your home entertainment. But many homeowners don’t like the idea of mounting large flat-panels to their walls.

But at CES 2018, LG may have unveiled a solution.

Their latest device is a TV that rolls up like a poster when not in use. It simply tucks away in a small, motorized box.

That could make it easy for travelling, but this is no mobile unit.

It’s a fully functioning 4K OLED screen. Plus, you can adjust the size to fit the shape of your content. If you’re watching a letterboxed movie, simply adjust the size of the screen until the image fits.

So when can you get LG’s latest? Well, the model at CES was only a prototype. But given its popularity, the company is sure to fast-track it into production.

Want to learn more about the cool devices you can enjoy in 2018? Simply click here to get started!

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