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An eclectic apartment with motorized blinds lowered halfway on windows at night.


As home technology experts, we know motorized shades. From floor-to-ceiling drapery to outdoor motorized blinds—and everything in between—we help homeowners in Carmel, IN, simplify their window treatments with smart controls.  

Over the many years we’ve written this blog, we’ve shared lots of tips, advice, and how-to’s about motorized shading. If you’re considering upgrading your current window blinds to something smarter, take a look at our past blogs in our guide below. 

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5 Reasons to Install Motorized Shades In Your Home 

Motorized shades may not seem like a revolutionary investment, but they truly are the gift that keeps on giving. In this blog, we share five unexpected ways motorized blinds and shades can benefit your home, starting with number one: improved home safety. 

The Benefits of Outdoor Motorized Shades

Motorized shading isn’t strictly for the indoors. We also install motorized blinds on patios, porches, and any outdoor living area, protecting you from the sun. Learn more about outdoor blinds and how they can add comfort to time spent outdoors. 

How Motorized Shades Create a Comfortable & Classy Home 

Some people imagine smart home technology makes a house feel ultra-techy. In reality, solutions like motorized shades add elegance and comfort to every room. In this blog, we paint a picture of what life is like inside a house with motorized blinds, shades, or drapes. 

Sleep Better with Motorized Shades 

Ambient light can wreak havoc on your sleep. Whether it’s from street lights after dark or sunshine during an afternoon nap, any light can prevent you from getting quality shut-eye. Thankfully, motorized blinds can help. In this article, we explain the science behind why ambient light keeps us awake and how motorized shading can improve your sleep routine. 

Control Your Home’s Climate with Motorized Shades 

Motorized shading isn’t just about privacy—it can also help keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. With customized shade settings, you’ll rely less on your HVAC system and can create a more comfortable home. How exactly does it work? We explain all in this classic blog post. 

Whether you’re automating shades to follow your schedule, tapping a button on your phone app, pressing a custom wall keypad, or utilizing voice control, there are many ways to take advantage of motorized blinds for a better living experience. 

If you’d like to bring the magic of motorized blinds to your Carmel, Indiana, home, The Premier Group is here to help. We install and program wired and wireless shading systems that you can control from anywhere. Contact us here to get started today! 

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