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What Is Home Networking Service?

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The Key to Steady & Speedy Home Internet 

What are home networking services, anyway? Maybe you heard the term on a TV commercial or through word of mouth. You know it’s supposed to help your Wi-Fi and internet performance. But what do home networking services entail? 

As a home networking provider, we’re here to bring your internet to speed. Here’s what home networking services can do for your Carmel, IN, home and why most modern residences need a network upgrade

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Networking

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All You Need to Know About Getting Fast, Reliable Internet 

In this week’s blog post, we’re diving into residential networking—and no, we don’t mean a cocktail hour at a residence. We’re talking about Internet networks—Wi-Fi, routers, and all things online. 

If you’re struggling with poor, unreliable Wi-Fi in your Indianapolis home, all hope isn’t lost. Below, we answer five commonly asked questions to help improve your network connection at home. 

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Today’s smart homes have an incredible number of connected devices. All your many systems are linked to your home automation platform and each other. This interconnected ecosystem enables your shades to lower when a room gets too hot and the lights to brighten in response. In addition, your connection to the internet allows you to receive security alerts and complete video conferencing sessions without disruption. 

In essence, your home networking system in Indianapolis, IN, is your smart home’s backbone, and its reliability and speed determine how your smart home responds. The issues occur when we continue to add connected devices without considering the strength of our home network. Before we know it, however, we’re receiving reminders in the form of dropped calls, slow downloads, and the dreaded buffering wheel when streaming Netflix. When our smart home is slow to respond to voice commands, we know it’s time for an upgrade.

Let's look at what this upgrade entails and why it's so important to the reliability and security of your smart home. 

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Does Your Home Network Need an Upgrade?


An Enterprise-Grade Home Network Installation Ensures Corner-to-Corner Coverage

There was a time when our connected devices consisted of a laptop or two and a desktop. Those times have changed. According to a 2022 Deloitte survey, the average number of connected devices in U.S. households is 22. If you live in a smart home, your internet-connected devices grow exponentially. This connection is vital for your home to function effectively, including your home’s security, lighting, climate, and entertainment. 

Does your current home network installation provide the bandwidth your smart home requires? Let's explore the signs suggesting your home network needs an upgrade and how to ensure fast and reliable internet coverage corner-to-corner.

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The Open Road of an Upgraded Home Network


How A Home Network Installation Frees Up Your Wi-Fi and Internet

The open road. The top down. The wind in your hair. And no cars. Few things appeal to those with wanderlust than the freedom of traveling unencumbered by traffic and other obstacles. But traffic lights, multiple vehicles, and delays make your traveling dreams a nightmare. 

The same is true when you have an internet bottleneck with your home network. Forget about enjoying a 4K movie, browsing social media, or FaceTiming with friends or family. Slow internet and poor Wi-Fi connection negatively impact online streaming, internet browsing, and even smart home usage.

But what causes this problem? Why aren’t your Wi-Fi and internet cooperating? After all, you have the best internet plan. In this blog, we’ll discuss some reasons why your network may be suffering and how to fix it with an upgraded home network installation. Keep reading to see how to enjoy a better connection in your Carmel, IN, home. 

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Do You Want the Fastest Internet Connection Possible?


Advanced Home Network Installation Includes Wi-Fi 6 & Internal Fiberoptic Cabling

You’ve got the best connection to the internet, which includes fiberoptic cabling from your home to your ISP (internet service provider). You may even have wireless access points and Wi-Fi repeaters throughout your home. And yet, you’re still having Wi-Fi signal problems, slow internet, and other issues with your home network. So, what’s the problem?

While there are many products on the market that claim to boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase your internet speeds, they often fall short of their promises. This blog will highlight the best solutions that ensure a fast and consistent home network. Keep reading below to see what’s essential to have a state-of-the-art home network installation at your Indianapolis, IN, home.

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Are You Clueless About Home Networking?


Discover How Ruckus Improves Speed and Connectivity in Your Home

What’s a router, a modem, or a wireless access point? You may have heard their names, but do you really know what they do? The truth is . . . you may not want or need to know! Instead, your main priority is to have a fast and reliable home networking system. The Premier Group knows home networking, and we’re here to set up a system (or upgrade your current one) to ensure dependable performance.

We use Ruckus Wireless, a technology provider that designs and produces advanced products to make sure your entire home network works at its highest potential. Keep reading to gain some understanding about home networking, Ruckus, and why you may need an upgrade in your Indianapolis, IN, home.

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How to Get More Bandwidth and Better Wi-Fi


Improve the Capacity and Strength of Your Home Networking System with an Upgrade

It happens eventually. Technologies once considered “state-of-the-art” become obsolete or less effective over time. Just think about the computers from decades past. Even though people heralded them as futuristic marvels, now your smartphone can run circles around them. Technology is always moving forward. When you don’t update the tech in your home on a regular basis, you may find yourself living in the past. 

One of the most common technologies that should be upgraded every few years is your home networking system. If you’re noticing connection problems, buffering, dropped video calls, and poor signal strength, then it’s time to refresh the home network at your Zionsville, IN, home. Keep reading to see how to do it! 

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