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Enjoy Entertainment Without Compromising on Design


Are you struggling with the placement of your TV as you’re designing your living room? Is the most obvious placement above the fireplace, but you’re not sure you want to see a TV over the fireplace? Most designers don’t love sticking a TV over the fireplace, but we have at least three elegant solutions they go crazy for that merge functionality, placement and design all into one. We are confident that we have a solution for you.

There are many options available, but we want to share three of our go-to design recommendations when one of our customers is placing a TV over the fireplace. These include a Seura Mirror TV, a Samsung Frame TV, and a Leon Motorized Art Lift

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Build Beautiful Indiana Homes by Partnering with an Audio/Video & Home Automation Installer

Build Beautiful Indiana Homes by Partnering with an Audio/Video & Home Automation Installer

When you are constructing a brand new home, whether it’s in Fishers, Indiana or anywhere in the Indianapolis area, you have an opportunity to install premier (pun intended) audio video that future homeowners will value. Young couples and growing families want high-tech homes--from home theaters with surround sound to outdoor audio. But when you start building a house, do you consider hiring an audio video installer with networking and automation experience to ensure the smart systems will work properly and look stylish? Here are some reasons why working with The Premier Group is a smart idea. 

1. Introduce Smart Audio Video Early in the Construction Process

Couples usually focus on certain interior design elements, like the wood floors, open rooms, spa bathrooms and marble countertops. However, the audio video capabilities are important too. Do they want a home theater or media room? Would they like to listen to music in every space? Families love music and movies, but they may not consider investing in a smart control system until it’s too late. When a builder or designer introduces smart audio video to them early on, you can make sure all of the technical components are there before they even move in. Spots for in-ceiling speakers can be laid out, and isolated rooms for dedicated home theaters can be built. All of the wiring can also be specifically designed to support smart home automation. Establishing these architectural plans and informing the contractor early on means you’ll have happy clients in the end.

2. Gain Trust and Respect in the Community

The more beautiful homes you design or build, the more accolades you’ll receive in the community and the more jobs you’ll get long term. TVs and speakers won’t just be placed in the rooms; they will be a part of the architecture of the house, making it look simple yet sophisticated. Only a true professional has the ability to install in-ceiling speakers and control systems that allow you to enjoy audio video throughout the house. The Premier Group can even make the technology completely invisible with motorized lifts, mirror TVs, and in-wall speakers so that visitors will be impressed.

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5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell homes, a builder creating new residences, or a couple trying to sell their property it’s always a good idea to consider different ways to attract home buyers. In the past, smart home automation was only enjoyed by a select few. However, builders and real estate companies are starting to realize the advantages of upgrading homes with automation in order to sell properties fast for top dollar. In this blog, we highlight the main features of a smart home that will help you sell an Indianapolis-area residence quicker and easier. 

1. Lighting Control

A well-lit home will appear brighter and more inviting. Not only will a professional lighting installation ensure that the house is well-lit (no uneven spaces or dark corners), but it will also make it easy for the homeowner to manage their lighting while at home or away. Using a mobile device, remote, or touch screen, homeowners can set the lights to come on during a certain day, turn them all on or off by pressing one button and dim the lights to varying levels of brightness. It’s convenient, it can help keep energy bills low, and it’s great for highlighting a home’s décor.

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How to Combat Snowy Weather with Smart Home Automation

How to Combat Snowy Weather with Smart Home Automation

Did you know that Indiana gets an average of 60 inches of snow a year? The average low in January is 18 degrees. If you live in the Fishers, Indiana area you are familiar with the snow situation and may even cringe when you see that first snowflake fall. What seems magical at first eventually turns into a nuisance—that is unless you have the right tools to manage the cold and make your winter more enjoyable. While we can’t install an automatic snow blower or shovel, we can install technology to help make your life easier this time of year. This blog will be your guide to using smart home automation in winter.

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How to Make Your Whole House Music System Sound Amazing

How to Make Your Whole House Music System Sound Amazing

People tend to focus on brands of equipment when planning to purchase a whole house music system.  However, there are many important factors to consider in order to make your next home audio project a success.  While the size, type and quality of speakers and amplifiers are certainly important, the location of the speakers in each room, and the room acoustics are often overlooked.  These items are critical to achieving a satisfactory result.  The overall scope of a great audio system should include a solid design plan, the proper equipment installed by an experienced professional, and should include exploring any necessary acoustic modifications that need to be made to ensure your music system sounds great. The team at The Premier Group is well versed in specifying the right music system solutions, including acoustic treatments, and we also take great care to properly tune your audio system when the physical installation is complete.  

  1. Align the Speakers

Single speakers broadcast sound in one direction and transmit all of the audio at once. A better approach is to place multiple speakers around the room so they project the sound towards you from every direction and provide even coverage.  You also want to make sure that the speakers perform with a minimum of loss. That means the speakers should be focused toward your seating arrangement so that you and your guests don’t miss a note.

While there are plenty of diagrams available online that illustrate potential layouts for your audio system, consulting a professional will yield the best results with your investment in your individual space.

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  1. Check Your Surfaces

The type of surfaces you have in your room play a big role in how the sound will perform. Have you ever walked into a large corridor with a tile floor, walls of stone or glass, and hard ceilings?  You will hear a lot of echo. Even in a smaller room, hard surfaces quickly reflect the sound, and you end up focusing on the reflections rather than the original sound.

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Set the Mood in Your Fishers, IN Home with Lighting Control

Set the Mood in Your Fishers, IN Home with Lighting Control

When you add an automated lighting system to your home, you get to enjoy the perks of dimmers, energy management, and convenient controls. But you also have a host of other benefits, including the ability to set the light temperature. You may not be familiar with that term, but it simply refers to the color or tint of the light, which dramatically affects the mood of the room. In this blog we will explain how light temperature affects your living spaces and also how you can control it in your Fishers, IN home with our lighting control systems. 

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An Audio/Video Installer’s Guide to New Construction


According to a survey done by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Americans are starting to think differently about homes that are “move-in-ready.” Last year, the survey which included 1,250 adults, showed 71 percent of Americans not only want move-in ready homes instead of fixer-uppers, but they also want them to be “smart-ready.” Forty-four percent of people said that smart-home technology should already be installed and another 57 percent would consider an older, renovated home if it had smart home technology. If you are a builder, architect, or designer, these findings are clear—new homes need to have new technology, and a professional audio video installer with home automation and home networking expertise should be the one to manage the project. Here are our top three reasons why.

  1. Increase Your Home’s Value

With the Internet of Things and automation on the rise, more families are interested in upgrading to a smart home—whether it be by building a new house or renovating a current property. If you add smart technology to your new home now, it will be well worth the investment down the road. Your home will have a higher resale value and be enticing to buyers if you sell in the future. From the perspective of a builder or real estate agent, the home will surely sell faster with a whole house audio system, smart thermostat, or whole home controls. Families want safe and stylish homes, but they also want the luxury of using today’s most current tech too.

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  1. Make Your Home Future-ready

Of course, it’s essential to know a new house has the proper structural foundations, but does it have the right audio, video, and network foundations to support the current technology as well as the gadgets of the future? We live in a super-connected society—one that is online all the time. By installing the proper wiring, you’ll support all of the devices in your home—from distributed audio and video to lighting controls and surveillance systems. Installing the most up-to-date infrastructure in your new home will make it reliable and relevant for future generations. Even if the technology does change years down the road, you will be able to easily update your system in a connected home.

  1. Add Convenience and Simplicity to Your Home

We’ve talked about the benefits of luring homebuyers and prepping your home for future generations, but what about your own personal rewards? Smart home technology is convenient and can greatly enhance your lifestyle. You’ll be able to control every room and every feature easily on a smartphone or tablet, as well as prepare your spaces for any occasion with one simple press. Customize your settings with the swipe of your finger and save them for future use. You’ll find that a smart home will make your hectic schedule easier to manage and will simplify a lot of your activities. Who wouldn’t want that in their new dream home?

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How to Build a Backyard Home Theater


We have a lot of summer blockbusters to look forward to, but the truth is it’s never fun to fight the crowds at the box office. With so many fun flicks to watch over the next few months, why not bring the big movie experience home? Installing a home theater system in your Indianapolis, IN house is essential, but there are multiple ways to do it—including outfitting your backyard. Yes, it is possible to put your home theater outside. Here are some tips on how to work with us to do it right.

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The Outdoor Theater Basics

Currently, you need to purchase an outdoor TV to enjoy watching movies, sports, and more outside. But if you want a big screen, the reality is you will need to use it primarily at night. Outdoor TVs have special anti-glare technology that can display high-contrast images in even the brightest sunlight. However, there currently aren’t professional-grade projectors that can handle bright sunlight. Here’s what you are going to need to make watching movies outside possible.

The Projector

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Control Your Home’s Climate with Motorized Shades


For many, fall is their favorite season. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte’? But there is an adjustment period when the cold fronts come in and the winds pick up. The same goes for your Indianapolis, IN smart home. You may have a specific routine already in place for keeping your house a particular temperature. Did you know that your motorized shades can contribute to your home’s climate? Read this guide to discover how automating your shades will make managing the changing seasons easier and your home more cozy as the leaves change color.

Keep the System on Manual

One downside to the summer leaving us is that the sunshine also goes away. Instead of keeping the shades closed to block the sun’s rays, you can keep them open and enjoy watching the leaves change color. Of course you can keep them closed if you want more privacy or just feel the darkening sky is getting too gloomy.

The weather can be temperamental this time of year so you can keep the system on manual too. Wireless technology makes it easy to change the shades’ position at any moment. Use a remote control, your phone, or your voice with voice control. With Amazon Alexa you can say, “Alexa, close the shades” and your smart home will do it for you. Or, pick up a handy wireless remote and press a button to open them as you bake a pie for Thanksgiving.

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How to Entertain Guests with Home Automation

How to Entertain Guests with Home Automation

When updating or renovating your Zionsville, IN home, you may want to consider how you are going to host guests. You need to have a room ready for relatives and friends who want or need to stay with you. Providing a comfortable bed and clean bathroom are musts, but what about making their stay extra special with home automation? Add a 4K TV, invisible speakers, and custom controls and your visitor will be in awe of your smart home. Not only will they feel welcome, but they will also have a story to talk about! Read this blog to discover some ideas on how to be the perfect host with technology. 

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Accent Your Artwork with Lighting Control

Accent Your Artwork with Lighting Control

Lighting is essential in every home, but did you know that how you install your lighting will largely impact how your home feels and looks? Lighting control isn’t just about functionality or convenience; it’s also about beauty. The décor in your Zionsville, IN home will look better in the right light. So how do you highlight your artwork and other furnishings with light control? Read this blog to find out. 

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Avoid Getting Spooked with Smart Home Security


Halloween can be a fun holiday, but it can also be one of the scariest days of the year. The night can bring pranksters and other odd characters out, threatening the safety of your home. While there’s probably not a masked murderer on your doorstep, you need to be prepared for every situation. And if you’re watching a scary movie in your home theater, you’ll most likely want to at least feel safe. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for All Hallows Eve with security and surveillance in your Zionsville, IN home.

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The Smart Home Control Forecast For 2018


The new year is upon us, and that means you’ll be enjoying all kinds of new technology in the coming months.

With smart home control now a pretty common aspect of everyday life, whether you’re in Indianapolis, IN or abroad, it’s no surprise many pieces of tech are getting refined in 2018.

If you’re curious about what you can expect this year, and how you may want to upgrade your system, this is the blog for you.

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3 Ways to Simplify Your Life with Smart Home Technology


A common misnomer for homeowners considering smart home technology is that it will be too difficult to understand. However, good design and programming actually takes the hassle and guessing game out of the equation when it comes to your home technology. “We find that once we are able to meet with a customer and educate them by demonstrating the technology in our showroom at the Indiana Design Center, they leave realizing that smart home technology actually simplifies their life in all of the areas that they touch on a daily basis—entertainment, lighting and shades, security, climate control, and more,” says Jason Barth, CEO of The Premier Group. Barth notes three key ways that smart home technology can add ease to your day.

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3 Benefits to Automating Your Motorized Shades


Motorized shades are often thought of as a luxury item. However, when compared to traditional window treatments, there are quite a number of compelling reasons why you should consider them for your home. They are offered in endless colors, patterns, and fabrics for both decorative and blackout shades. They can also be installed in a number of different ways depending on the end look that you are trying to achieve. Motorized shades can be hardwired for new construction, or retrofitted wirelessly into your existing home. The icing on the cake is that they can be automated to match your lifestyle and the time of day, whether you’re home or away. Beyond style and convenience, here are three key benefits to installing motorized shades.

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We Are Indiana's Only HTA Certified Integrator!

We have passed the rigorous requirements necessary to earn certification by the Home Technology Association.The Home Technology Association is the first independent organization to educate and empower homeowners in their technology purchases, recognize exceptional businesses, and elevate the technology integration industry’s status and stature with a rigorous third-party certification process.
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The Premier Group Named a CEDIA Finalist for “Integrated Home of the Year”

The Premier Group Named a CEDIA Finalist for “Integrated Home of the Year”

Press Release: July 9th, 2018

Carmel, Indiana home technology provider, The Premier Group, recognized as a CEDIA Finalist, making them one of the top three Integrators in the Americas for outstanding integrated system design in this year’s “Integrated Home of the Year” at the 2018 CEDIA Awards in San Diego, CA on September 5th, 2018 at Petco Park.

Premier’s submission included a residential new construction project located in Indianapolis, Indiana on Geist Reservoir.
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Outdoor Lighting Design, Operability + Functionality

Outdoor Lighting Design, Operability + Functionality

We think that the best outdoor lighting design should be beautiful as well as serve many purposes. And since we are in the business of home automation, then of course it should operate on its own to simplify your lifestyle—it’s just one less thing you need to worry about! And lets not forget about durability. If you are making a significant investment like this, then you need to know the fixtures are built to last in the extreme elements we experience here in Indiana.

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Technology Customized.

Technology Customized.

Every September, our team attends the annual CEDIA Expo, which is the common hub where more than 20,000 home technology pros and over 500 exhibitors travel to see the latest and greatest in, as CEDIA puts it, “making smart homes genius!” As we gear up for the Trade Show, it’s an opportunity for us to learn, meet different manufacturers, and to make sure that we bring the right team of vendors and products on-board as we return to our day-to-day design and product specification work. Many products are simply new releases to the existing lineup that we already specify, however, a handful of brands that we team-up with are because of their high-level of design or capabilities to customize solutions for each project.

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Premier's, Ken Irvine, Featured by ProSource

Premier's, Ken Irvine, Featured by ProSource

Incepted in 2008, ProSource represents the largest volume of upscale CE retail sales in the industry. ProSource today is over 550 members strong, with three unique membership programs, and over $5B in sales. We are proud to be a part of this incredible team, allowing us to offer the same everyday low prices as all major retailers.

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