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Bring the Joy of High-Fidelity Music to Every Room of Your Home

An open living area with in-ceiling architectural speakers.

Creating a Multi-Room Sound System

What’s one of the first things you do when you wake in the morning or return home after a long day at work? For many, the answer is tuning into their favorite music. It inspires us at the start of the day and helps relax us at the day's end. Depending on the genre, it brings a sense of serenity, excitement, or happiness to a home.

It can even reduce stress, improve moods, and get you through your morning workout. That’s powerful stuff! And, in light of its many benefits, it deserves a special place in our homes, something more than a room with a stereo system (albeit a high-fidelity brand), Bluetooth speakers, smartphones, and earbuds. 

It deserves a multi-room music system. Let’s explore what these systems offer and how they bring breathtaking, high-performance music throughout your home.

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a living room with a large flat screen TV mounted over a fireplace.


Your home is your haven, where you escape from the outside world to find comfort and entertainment. A personalized entertainment experience makes immersing yourself in high-quality audio and video easy. Welcome to a world where your preferences take center stage, where your lifestyle shapes the look and feel of your home audio video. 

From the serene elegance of your living room TV to the power of your high-end speakers in your dedicated listening rooms, we'll design your system to cater to your love of music, movies, or hosting weekly dinners. Join us on a journey where luxury meets technology as we explore the boundless possibilities of personalizing your home audio video experience in Fishers, IN.

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Hidden Televisions



Inside a beautiful frame, the artwork ascends or descends with the touch of a remote. When the screen or flat panel display is not in use, the digital art-on canvas image of your choosing is displayed within the frame. When your artwork is retracted, the flat panel display is visible for viewing.

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4 Perks of a Professionally Installed Audio/Video System


You might assume that the best feature of a home theater or media room is the breathtaking picture, or the stunning surround sound.  While those are certainly expected requirements, and the most fun aspects, we’d like to inform you about some additional perks of having a whole house audio and video system installed by Premier.  From organizing all your content, simplifying controls, and streaming and controlling media to or from any location, The Premier Group, as your local residential AV installer, knows exactly how to create the best home entertainment setup.  Keep reading if you live in Zionsville, Carmel or anywhere in Central Indiana and desire these benefits in your home. 

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How to Enjoy More Entertainment at Home with an Audio and Video System

How to Enjoy More Entertainment at Home with an Audio and Video System

Remember when you had to go out to Blockbuster and rent a movie to get the latest flick? Or when you had to buy CDs at the store to enjoy your favorite artist’s new album? Today most people in the Indianapolis area stream audio and video content into their homes through online services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify. But streaming high-quality content can be difficult when you don’t have the right components or a strong network. In this blog, we’ll show you how hiring a professional AV installer can make enjoying home entertainment easier.

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Enjoy Entertainment Without Compromising on Design


Are you struggling with the placement of your TV as you’re designing your living room? Is the most obvious placement above the fireplace, but you’re not sure you want to see a TV over the fireplace? Most designers don’t love sticking a TV over the fireplace, but we have at least three elegant solutions they go crazy for that merge functionality, placement and design all into one. We are confident that we have a solution for you.

There are many options available, but we want to share three of our go-to design recommendations when one of our customers is placing a TV over the fireplace. These include a Seura Mirror TV, a Samsung Frame TV, and a Leon Motorized Art Lift

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How to Build a Backyard Home Theater


We have a lot of summer blockbusters to look forward to, but the truth is it’s never fun to fight the crowds at the box office. With so many fun flicks to watch over the next few months, why not bring the big movie experience home? Installing a home theater system in your Indianapolis, IN house is essential, but there are multiple ways to do it—including outfitting your backyard. Yes, it is possible to put your home theater outside. Here are some tips on how to work with us to do it right.

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The Outdoor Theater Basics

Currently, you need to purchase an outdoor TV to enjoy watching movies, sports, and more outside. But if you want a big screen, the reality is you will need to use it primarily at night. Outdoor TVs have special anti-glare technology that can display high-contrast images in even the brightest sunlight. However, there currently aren’t professional-grade projectors that can handle bright sunlight. Here’s what you are going to need to make watching movies outside possible.

The Projector

Continue reading
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How to Entertain Guests with Home Automation

How to Entertain Guests with Home Automation

When updating or renovating your Zionsville, IN home, you may want to consider how you are going to host guests. You need to have a room ready for relatives and friends who want or need to stay with you. Providing a comfortable bed and clean bathroom are musts, but what about making their stay extra special with home automation? Add a 4K TV, invisible speakers, and custom controls and your visitor will be in awe of your smart home. Not only will they feel welcome, but they will also have a story to talk about! Read this blog to discover some ideas on how to be the perfect host with technology. 

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We Are Indiana's Only HTA Certified Integrator!

We have passed the rigorous requirements necessary to earn certification by the Home Technology Association.The Home Technology Association is the first independent organization to educate and empower homeowners in their technology purchases, recognize exceptional businesses, and elevate the technology integration industry’s status and stature with a rigorous third-party certification process.
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Technology Customized.

Technology Customized.

Every September, our team attends the annual CEDIA Expo, which is the common hub where more than 20,000 home technology pros and over 500 exhibitors travel to see the latest and greatest in, as CEDIA puts it, “making smart homes genius!” As we gear up for the Trade Show, it’s an opportunity for us to learn, meet different manufacturers, and to make sure that we bring the right team of vendors and products on-board as we return to our day-to-day design and product specification work. Many products are simply new releases to the existing lineup that we already specify, however, a handful of brands that we team-up with are because of their high-level of design or capabilities to customize solutions for each project.

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Premier's, Ken Irvine, Featured by ProSource

Premier's, Ken Irvine, Featured by ProSource

Incepted in 2008, ProSource represents the largest volume of upscale CE retail sales in the industry. ProSource today is over 550 members strong, with three unique membership programs, and over $5B in sales. We are proud to be a part of this incredible team, allowing us to offer the same everyday low prices as all major retailers.

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Gary Nance Design & Premier Featured By Control4

Gary Nance Design & Premier Featured By Control4

A collaborative design team effort results in a Geist Reservoir home being named CEDIA's "Integrated Home of the Year." The entire home is integarted into one, easy-to-use app using Control4. The team at Control4 was interested in learning all of the details of the project, the ease of use for the homeowners, and just how Premier pulled it all off. Checkout Control4's blog feature on Designer, Gary Nance, and the team at Premier.

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Intercom Anywhere. With Control4.

Intercom Anywhere. With Control4.

Whether you’re home or away, with Intercom Anywhere you can monitor and communicate with any room of your smart home. Greet guests and allow them to enter even if you are running late, check in on your kids even if they aren’t answering their phones, observe and communicate with anyone who approaches your front door—with Intercom Anywhere you have peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

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The Premier Group Awarded Top Honor in North and South America for CEDIA Awards’ Top Category - “Integrated Home of the Year” for 2019

The Premier Group Awarded Top Honor in North and South America for CEDIA Awards’ Top Category - “Integrated Home of the Year” for 2019

Chicago, Illinois (July 25, 2019) - The Premier Group, a home technology integrator located in Carmel, Indiana was recognized as the CEDIA Awards’ top honor for “Integrated Home of the Year 2019” in North & South America for outstanding integrated system design and installation on July 25th in Chicago, Illinois held at The Drake Hotel.

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Premier Featured in the Wall Street Journal


It is a tremendous honor to be featured on the front page of the The Wall Street Journal "Mansion” section for our technology design in this magnificent home! 

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Football Viewing Party

Football Viewing Party

“Are you ready for some football?!” We’re all familiar with this catchy NFL jingle, but are you really ready? What we mean is… is your home ready to host your friends and family for the big game? Do you have a spectacular viewing area with a super sized screen and amazing sound quality? If you cannot confidently answer “YES!” to that question, then please allow us to offer some creative solutions to make your home the place to gather for the upcoming football season. 

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Premier Team Travels to Denver for Annual CEDIA Expo

Premier Team Travels to Denver for Annual CEDIA Expo

We are fresh off of our annual CEDIA EXPO trip to Denver, Colorado, where many from our team spent valuable time experiencing expert-delivered training alongside the latest technologies and products in our industry! CEDIA EXPO allows us to see, touch, and test-drive the most innovative products and trends driving the residential technology industry. The EXPO covers audio, video, control, security, automation, networking, energy management and more.

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Crestron’s Unbeatable Warranty

Crestron’s Unbeatable Warranty

Since 1971, Crestron has been the industry leader in automation solutions that transform the way people live their lives inside their own home. Day-to-day tasks and routines have become more efficient and productive thanks to Crestron’s innovative connected home solutions and their latest “Crestron Home” (OS3) smart home platform. As a Crestron dealer, we aren’t just helping our clients buy high-end electronics, we are helping them invest in long term solutions for their home that are scalable and customizable. We are now proud to announce that you can own the world’s most elegant lighting and shade solution for your home with the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing it’s backed with an unprecedented lifetime warranty. 

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Premier Named a CEDIA Finalist for “Integrated Home of the Year 2019” for 2nd Consecutive Year

Premier Named a CEDIA Finalist for “Integrated Home of the Year 2019” for 2nd Consecutive Year

PRESS RELEASE (June 12th, 2019): Carmel, Indiana home technology provider recognized as a CEDIA Finalist, making them one of the top three Integrators in North & South America for outstanding integrated system design in this year’s “Integrated Home of the Year” at the 2019 CEDIA Awards on July 25th in Chicago, IL at The Drake Hotel.

“We are honored to have received the news that we are, once again, a finalist amongst the top Integrators in North & South America. Our team worked diligently in collaboration with our trade partners to enhance the architectural beauty of the home, and created a spectacular result for our client. We are excited to attend this year’s CEDIA Awards, and very much look forward to continuing our work with central Indiana homeowners.” - Jason Barth, CEO & Principal Designer

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Form Meets Function with Artnovion

Form Meets Function with Artnovion

We are constantly curating our manufacturer and supplier relationships and our product lineup in order to make sure that we have a well-rounded set of options for all of our clients’ potential needs. In some cases, the stars align and the right product recommendation meets both the requirements for form AND function. One of our favorite new lines is from a vendor named Artnovion, who specializes in acoustical absorption panels that are engineered for performance but designed for emotion. They disguise the fact that your eyes are looking at a product artfully designed to blend seamlessly within a variety of architectural spaces, and yet your ears are amazed at the acoustical absorption benefits. Artnovion exists to push the boundaries of acoustic engineering to create this unique collection of trendsetting & high performance acoustic products to benefit any space.

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