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Smart Home Secrets: What do you really need for a top-notch system?


What truly makes a quality smart home automation system? We have years of experience installing systems for families in the Carmel, Indiana area and know what works best for a variety of situations. We can offer valuable insights that we feel every homeowner should know before investing in a smart home. Continue reading to discover these often overlooked items on the ticket list.

You'll Need a Strong Network

The network is the backbone of a smart home system. It's not an option; it's a requirement. You can't have a connected home without a proper connection. You may wonder, can't my current Internet provider simply supply an upgrade? There are multiple issues that come into play here. While the equipment supplied by the service providers, as well as most consumer grade equipment, may supply adequate service for a smaller home and manage a reasonable amount of devices such as a several computers, a printer, a few mobile devices, and a game system, it simply cannot manage and process the needs of the modern active family in a larger custom home. Almost all of the customers we meet have or desire systems that far exceed the capability of a consumer grade network.

An Entertainment & Automation system is only as good as the network it runs on. You wouldn't buy a Luxury automobile and fill it with unleaded regular gasoline would you? If you have ever experienced a lag when you're watching Netflix, slow download speeds, had unreliable wireless connectivity or your devices just don't seem to work consistently, then you have a poor network. The problem is likely the network, not the device.

A professional-grade network is the secret to a perfect, pro smart home. They use faster CPUs and memory to process high-bandwidth traffic, like Ultra HD video. They also have traffic management technologies to process multiple connections and advanced thermal management to keep the equipment cool and running properly over long periods of time. They handle both a greater number of devices as well as the intense data packets and network traffic that is required by these types of systems. Not to mention, enterprise class systems allow you to customize your home – and only a professional can do that. We'll build it for your exact needs today and adjust it over time as they change tomorrow.

An Organized Equipment Cabinet

Advanced home entertainment and smart home systems may require a lot of equipment, but that doesn't mean you'll have to see all of the hardware, wires, and black boxes around the house. A professional should neatly hide away AV equipment and organize it in an equipment enclosure so that it's all easy to access. We typically place these "equipment racks" in closets, mechanical spaces, and other hideaways so they are out of the way, but accessible. We've too often seen messy equipment racks and you shouldn't consider that as standard. A proper installation will provide years of enjoyment and avoid unnecessary service calls. Make sure it's tidy, and with us we can tell you it always will be.

Compatible with Other Manufacturers

Perhaps you purchased a Lutron lighting control system, Sonos wireless speakers or a Sony home theater system. Now you want to unite all this techology together so you can easily control it with one device on one interface and platform. The benefit of working with quality smart home brands like Control4 or Crestron is that they are advanced enough to connect every electronic device in your home no matter where it comes from. And with our expertise, you can rest assured that it will all fit together and be easy to use. And if your current devices are out of date and need an upgrade, we can work with you to develop a solution that fits in with your budget and desires.

Now that you know a bit more about these smart home secrets, give us a call and let us know what you need. Fill out this form with your questions or concerns and we'll get back to you with an answer quickly.

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