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New and Improved Security Cameras

New and Improved Security Cameras

The world of technology is always delivering new and improved security and surveillance products for the modern home. Today’s security cameras deliver vivid color, a crystal clear picture, and wireless access. You can even talk to some of them! The team at The Premier Group would love to help you choose the right products while following your budget. Whether you simply want a couple cameras in your Carmel, Indiana home for a baby monitor or pet cam, or if you want a complete surveillance and security system to keep an eye on your entire property and protect all your valuables, we provide solutions that meet all of your needs. A smart home is a safe home.

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Experience Full 360 Degree Viewing

IC Realtime has created a new security camera called the IC 720 that can capture images a full 360 degrees around a space. The benefit is that your camera will never miss any action because it omits blind spots. You’ll get an immersive experience as you watch the video taken at any angle. This third dimension camera is in HD as well.

Connect to the Cloud

While typical camera solutions record to a local hard drive for an archive of critical events, IC Realtime offers an app called “My Cloud” to make it easier for you to backup and view surveillance camera footage from any place at any time. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, all you have to do is download it onto your mobile device and login to scroll through all your videos for quick viewing. We can program it to alert you whenever important activity happens. You can relax knowing that every image is saved on a secure cloud. But if you do want to share video with others, that is accomplished easily as well.

Check in on Pets, Babies, and more with Live Video Streams

IC Realtime’s camera systems allow you to check in on your home in real time. With just one swipe on your smartphone or tablet, watch live video of any camera you have installed. These high-tech cameras also have night vision and can zoom in on objects, so you can get a closer look if you need to. The new Allie camera can capture images 360 degrees vertically and horizontally. So whether you need to use it as a baby monitor for your infant, a pet cam for your beloved dog, or as a security camera to capture break-ins if they occur, The Premier Group can help capture those important moments and save them for the future.

Let us know which products you’d like installed in your home. All you have to do is fill out our online form and we’ll set up a meeting with you.


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