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Motorized Shades: More Than Just Luxury for Your Home


Explore the benefits from greater comfort to increased efficiency 

With great luxury and design, motorized shades have several compelling reasons to be considered a must-have compared to traditional blinds. Motorized shades come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and fabrics that can be installed in different ways, depending on the aesthetic and practical purposes in the home. From elegant drapes to outdoor screens for the patio, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Best of all, motorized shades can be fully automated to fit your lifestyle and adjust depending on the time of day, even when you're not at home. Beyond the luxury and great design offered, here are some key advantages of installing motorized shades in your Indianapolis, IN, home.


Take Control of Natural Light 

Motorized shades let you adjust available light to match your needs at the press of a button. In the morning, raise them to use the daylight to illuminate your living spaces, while at night, you can lower them to limit the light entering your room to turn it into a home cinema or to encourage a more restful sleep.

Optimize Your Outdoor Spaces 

Spring is the perfect moment to spend time outdoors by the pool or barbequing with the family, but bugs also come with the season and can ruin your outdoor fun. With an outdoor screen installation, you can have a good time without dealing with insects or bugs roaming around your patio. 

In addition, these screens also serve as a great solution for ambient light, preventing glare on your outdoor TV due to sunlight and help regulate temperature. Outdoor screens are designed to last regardless of the weather and work throughout the seasons to get a functional and durable solution that blends in with your exterior design.

Saving on your HVAC billings

Using these shades throughout your home can greatly reduce your dependence on your heating and cooling systems, controlling the amount of heat you let in and out of your space. In the summer, close shades throughout the day to avoid expensive heat gain. In winter, close them in the evenings to keep warm air from seeping out—or cold air from seeping in. 

Security for your home

Security is an important issue at home; through motorized shades, you can provide privacy for your family. Have shade automatically lower in the evening or lower them as part of a ‘Good night’ scene. If you go on long vacations, you can program the motorized shades to rise and low at different times of the day to look like you are still there. 

Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays makes wood floors and furniture wear out. Motorized shades can help reduce this natural wear and tear by closing automatically when sunlight hits your windows directly, protecting your interiors while making the most of natural light. 

To get the most out of the motorized shades in your home, we recommend integrating them with your home automation system. If you want further information about motorized shades, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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