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Let Your Home Light the Way with Lighting Automation

An illuminated living area with varying light fixtures

Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Activity

Lighting plays an integral role in our home's aesthetics and functionality, yet little has changed in how we control it since the light switch was invented in 1917. Or, has it? For those who live in a smart home and have embraced lighting automation, much has changed. 

Let’s explore what this evolution means to homeowners in Fishers, IN, and why now may be the time to replace your light switches with the beauty and ease of today’s smart lighting control.

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What Is Smart Lighting Control?

In a smart lighting control system, your light switches are replaced by elegant in-wall keypads, easy-to-use touchscreens, handheld remotes, and your voice. Unlike light switches that control one or several lights in a room, these control every light. And, unlike switches, we can program them for varying activities.

With today’s LED dynamic lighting, that translates to incredible options in home design—or every color of light in the visible light spectrum incorporated into your lighting controls. 

For example, do you regularly schedule date nights? Now, you can press the "Date Night" button, and the lighting transforms throughout your home, from golden candlelight in the dining room to the warm orange-red colors of the sunset in the living room. When integrated with your home automation system, this same button can stream your “Romance” playlist via your whole-home audio system and lower the shades. 

Voice control also creates an added layer of convenience. Did you arrive home in the evening with your hands full? Ask your voice assistant to turn on the hallway and kitchen lights. 

What Is Lighting Automation?

Lighting automation lets your smart home manage your lights for you. We’ll create beautiful lighting scenes that correspond with the time of day or your location. For instance, some clients enjoy waking up as the sun peaks over the horizon. We’ll program their smart home to nudge them awake with motorized window coverings that gradually open and lights that brighten to the same color as the rising sun. 

Your lights can also continue to mirror the color of the sun throughout the day. Called human-centric lighting, your lights simulate natural light with cooler, bright blue-toned hues that keep you focused during the day and warm, amber-colored lights that tell your body it’s time to relax in the evening.

Light By Location

Your lighting also responds to your presence. When you arrive home in the evening, your home automatically turns on the entryway and kitchen lights. When everyone leaves a room, they turn off. And, when your children walk down a dark hallway to get to your bedroom in the middle of the night, your smart home softly illuminates their way. 

From lights in every color imaginable to illumination that mirrors the sun and a home that sets the stage for every occasion, smart lighting automation has transformed how we brighten our days. At The Premier Group, our designers and project managers ensure a system customized for your unique needs and lifestyle. To learn more about the many options in lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Premier Group today.

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