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Here’s How You Can Use a Dedicated Home Theater for Family Fun

Build the Ultimate Space for On-Screen Entertainment

Here’s How You Can Use a Dedicated Home Theater for Family Fun

Having a devoted cinema within your house doesn’t mean it has to operate like a commercial movie theater.

Of course, one of the best benefits of owning a private theater is that you can emulate – if not exceed – the audio-visual performance of a commercial cinema.

But the way you enjoy your on-screen entertainment doesn’t have to be set in stone. In fact, you can make your home cinema an interactive experience for your entire family.

In this post, we explore how you can bring family fun to the dedicated home theater in your house in the Westfield, Indiana area.

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Expand Your Family’s Movie Library

How do you and your family typically decide what movie to watch?

You could have a stored DVD or Blu-ray disc library, but loading the disc into your player, waiting for it to load, and relying on it to remain clean and perform without issue can all be a bit of a hassle. You also are limited regarding what you can watch.

Instead, you can digitize the movie-selection process through a system from our partners at Kaleidescape.

Not only can you convert your physical discs into a digital collection, but you also can purchase from thousands of movies and TV shows through Kaleidescape’s vast library.

Simply integrate your Kaleidescape device with your theater’s Crestron or Control4 system, and you can browse your movie library (or buy a new one) through your smartphone or tablet.

You even can display your Kaleidescape interface on your projection screen so that everyone in your family has a say in what movie you all can watch. With just the tap of a button, you can either begin watching a previously stored film or purchase a new one to start watching either in HD or 4K resolution. 

A Theater for More Than Just Watching Movies

Who says that your dedicated home theater can only be used for movie-watching?

You can use your cinema to showcase a variety of on-screen entertainment formats.

Consider a scenario in which your theater has custom lighting control. Lights by your screen can remain off while ones near your seat remain illuminated.

This can be the perfect setup for casually watching and socializing during the Colts or Pacers game with the family, for example. You even can add a video game system, in this scenario, as your family can see their controllers while still enjoying an unaffected on-screen image quality.

Truthfully, the options are endless for your cinematic entertainment options.

With the help of your local technology professional, you can make your dedicated home theater the go-to place for any form of on-screen entertainment.

We at The Premier Group love working with local Indiana homeowners to accomplish their home theater dreams.

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