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Entertain and Ensure Your Safety with Lighting Control

Control Your Holiday Lights and Boost Security with Automation

Entertain and Ensure Your Safety with Lighting Control

Once you start seeing the Thanksgiving and Christmas décor pop up you know it’s almost the busiest time of year. The calendar gets filled with parties, weddings, family get-togethers and more creating a lot of stress.  There is a way to handle holiday travel and busy schedule. With a lighting control system, your Westfield, IN smart home can guarantee an enjoyable and safe holiday season.  Read this blog to see how installing automated lighting takes the hassle out of the holidays.

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Pack Your Suitcases and Leave Worry Behind

If you are traveling this year, you don’t have to constantly worry about your home while you are away visiting family and friends. Make sure every light is turned off with your touchpad so you don’t waste electricity. Press “All off” as you leave for the airport and you know for sure nothing is left on. 

Or, if you don’t want the house to look dead while you’re miles away, create a setting that turns the lights on and off periodically. In that holiday favorite Home Alone, Kevin McCallister uses lights, TVs and even props to make it appear that the house is occupied so the neighborhood burglars leave him alone. You can do the same with our lighting control systems! 

Outdoor Lighting Welcomes Guests in for a Celebration

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Festivus (for the rest of us) outdoor lighting will lift your guests’ spirits and get them excited about celebrating with you. After installing holiday lights on your house around windows, doors, and the roof, you can control them with a remote or your wireless device. We can also help put your holiday lights on timers so they turn off after you’ve already gone to bed. Families in your neighborhood can still enjoy your display an extra hour or two while you are snoozing away inside. You won’t have to get up and turn them off and you’ll rest knowing your lighting bill won’t sky-rocket. 

Indoor Lighting Sets the Mood for an Intimate Dinner

Dimmers not only help you save energy but they also set the mood for a nice dinner with family and friends. The truth is lighting can drastically change the entire mood of an event. Enhance the event by setting lights to dim right at dinnertime to create ambiance then have them brighten when it is time to open gifts. Manage the lights so there won’t be a glare on the TV screen as everyone crowds around to watch the football game or holiday parade.  Then, when the party is over or when things are winding down, lower the living room lights completely, as you pop in your favorite holiday movie for everyone to enjoy.  Your home will feel welcoming and warm with lighting control installed in every room—both inside and outside of your house. 

Get ready for the holiday by partnering with The Premier Group! Contact us online and let us know how we can prepare your property for guests, parties and more.