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How You Can Enjoy Incredible Outdoor Audio


An Immersive Sound System Transforms Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Just about wherever you go, music follows you. Whether you’re dining out, going to a concert, driving in the car, or shopping at a retail store, you’ll likely listen to music – either intentionally or in the background. Music enhances the mood, revitalizes the spirit, and adds more enjoyment to gatherings and special events. And the good news is you can enjoy that same high-quality and immersive music right in your backyard. 

A landscape sound system from makers like Sonance adds more enjoyment to your outdoor entertainment experience. Keep reading to see how outdoor speakers help you achieve the perfect sound you want on your property in Carmel, IN.

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Is it Really an Outdoor Audio System? 

If you enjoy spending time outside, watching TV on the patio, swimming in the pool, or hosting parties, then you likely have some type of audio system. For instance, you may listen to music through your outdoor TV or portable Bluetooth speakers. But ask yourself this, “Are you really enjoying an immersive outdoor audio experience?” If you are honest, the answer is probably “no.”

And before going online to buy an outdoor speaker system, it’s important to think first and do your research. You’ll only achieve incredible outdoor audio if you have premium speakers that are properly set up by professionals in the industry. Otherwise, the audio may fall flat – music is quiet in some areas, loud in others, and uneven throughout.

The Superior Sound of Sonance & Other Brands

An outdoor speaker system needs three features to function at top performance: power, clarity, and consistency. That is, you want a system that delivers concert-level power, crisp vocals and instrumentation, and an outdoor soundscape with no dead areas. Sonance and other brands, such as Coastal Source and Sonos, design speakers that deliver consistent and premium performance. 

However, it’s critical to install the system correctly to get the sound you want. The experts at The Premier Group install subwoofers and speakers in strategic locations to give you a surround-sound experience. So, you won’t need to crank up the music to ear-deafening levels for everyone to hear it. Instead, your family and guests enjoy music at a steady sound level no matter where they are. 

Expertly Crafted Speakers: Heard but Not Seen

If you’re an audiophile, you probably love to brag about your speakers. That’s why you want to show off your Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers in your home theater or media room. And that’s perfectly fine. Brag away! After all, B&W speakers are just about as high-end as you can get. But usually, with outdoor audio, homeowners want their speakers to be heard and not seen. 

Sonance is masterful at designing outdoor speakers that blend in with any surrounding. The outdoor entertainment experience you create for your guests will be amazing – because they’ll never be distracted by obtrusive technology. Speakers from Sonance can be camouflaged among foliage, you can bury subwoofers in the ground, and other speakers can even be designed to blend in with the architecture. 

It's time to update the music-listening experience on your property with an outdoor audio system. Call The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. 

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