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How to Keep Your Business Secure with Lighting Control


There are many aspects to security, but few people think about the role lighting can play in keeping your Indianapolis, Indiana area business secure. In this blog, well discuss how a professional lighting installation can protect your facility and add security to your system.

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Use a lighting control system to alert you when trespassers approach.

Using a loud alarm is one tactic to scare off criminals who try to break in. However, motion sensors tied into your lighting system can help prevent harm by warding off trespassers. Motion sensors detect activity and trigger the lights to turn on around the building, exposing the person and scaring them away.


Program the lights to turn on and off periodically while youre away.

A dark building is a sign to intruders that no one is around and can allow opportunities for break-ins. A lighting control system can deceive people into thinking that employees are there even though everyone is out of the office. With our systems, you can also control the lights remotely on your smartphone or tablet, or use timers while you are gone.


Protect employees at all times.

Employees often have to stay late at the office these days. Lighting controls make it easy for you and your staff to manage the lights in one room or the entire facility. By installing a simple control system, anyone can adjust the lights so that they feel safe as they come in, work, and leave. The Premier Group can design an easy-to-use system so that a person new or familiar with your business can operate it with ease.


Prevent accidents with smart sensors.

Accidents in a busy factory, office, or restaurant can cause lawsuits and cost your business valuable dollars. By installing a lighting control system with motion sensors, you can help avoid these accidents. Sensors will detect a persons presence and turn on the lights so they can see. This is especially helpful if the person is carrying heavy boxes or other equipment. Sleek and simple buttons on the wall also help make your operations go smoothly. Your employees will never have to wonder which buttons do what.


Our team knows that safety and security is a priority for you. With that in mind, we can help you install a lighting control system that is customized to your unique business and needs.

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