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How to Enjoy More Entertainment at Home with an Audio and Video System

How to Enjoy More Entertainment at Home with an Audio and Video System

Remember when you had to go out to Blockbuster and rent a movie to get the latest flick? Or when you had to buy CDs at the store to enjoy your favorite artist’s new album? Today most people in the Indianapolis area stream audio and video content into their homes through online services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify. But streaming high-quality content can be difficult when you don’t have the right components or a strong network. In this blog, we’ll show you how hiring a professional AV installer can make enjoying home entertainment easier.

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Install a Whole House Audio and Video System

If you want to stream audio and video to every room in the house, even outdoors, then you need the right equipment. One of our trusted partners, Sonance, has speakers that seamlessly blend into the wall so that you don’t even notice them. These speakers are hard-wired so they need to be installed by a professional like us. You can place them in a bedroom, home theater, or outside on the patio so you can listen to your favorite tunes in every corner of your house.

To play different shows, movies, and sports programs in different areas, you need a matrix switcher, Blu-ray player, and TVs and speakers. Most of the equipment can be kept in one central location, out of the way, so it doesn’t affect the interior beauty of your house.

Use Mobile Controls to Choose Content Quick and Easy

The beauty of a whole house video system is that you can start a movie in the living room, and then finish it upstairs later in your bedroom. You don’t have to take out the Blu-ray disc and move it to another room. Just open an app on your tablet or phone and select the show you were just watching and the room you’d like to play it in. Control4’s user interface is simple, stylish and super easy to use, allowing you to access all of your movies and music in one place. In addition, you won’t have to fight over the movie choice or song selection. Everyone can watch and listen to anything they want. The kids can listen to Disney songs in the playroom while dad watches sports in the basement and mom puts on a cooking show in the kitchen. When it’s time to come together for a meal, all you have to do is hit one button to turn it all off.

Get a Strong Home Network

Streaming services are getting more competitive. Both Netflix and Hulu have original shows, and new music channels like Tidal offer songs with higher resolution. You can have them all, but you’re going to need a strong home network for it all to run smoothly. There’s nothing worse than getting to a pivotal moment in a show and it freezing on the spot. The Premier Group can make sure your whole house audio and video system never has any hiccups by installing a strong home network. We’ll inspect your home to get an idea of the layout and use both wireless and wired technology to establish a reliable connection. When we’re done, your favorite song or program is just a touch away.

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