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How Smart Shades Create A Comfortable & Classy Home


Both Crestron and Screen Innovations Offer Ambiance, Heat Control, & Light Control in Your Rooms

What makes a house a home? New floors, a fresh coat of paint on the walls, stylish furniture, and custom home décor all help to transform your space into a private paradise. But you probably never thought motorized shades could contribute to the personalization process. Well, they can! Smart shades from Crestron and Screen Innovations do wonders to add ambiance and comfort to your living space.

In this blog, we’ll highlight four ways motorized shades can elevate your Westfield, IN home’s appeal and add more convenience to your day. Keep reading to see why you need them in your home.

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1. Highlight Your Rooms

Motorized shades aren’t simply for privacy. Instead, they add light and color to your rooms. Light-filtering shades let you enjoy the beauty of the day while softly diffusing and adding color to the natural light entering your windows. Both Screen Innovations and Crestron offer translucent motorized shades in an endless variety of colors to accent your room’s design motif. Instead of blocking out the sun and obstructing your view, they softly filter the light to create the perfect atmosphere in your rooms.

2. Keep Out the Heat

Even though we don’t live in the deep South where the temperature can rise above 100 degrees, it still gets quite warm in Indiana. That’s why heat-blocking shades are the perfect solution for the summer months. Put them in your east- or west-facing windows, and they help to keep your home’s climate at the perfect temperature. If you prefer a no-touch solution, your smart shades can even be programmed to operate on a schedule or with a light sensor.

3. Prevent Glare Through Your Windows

Heat may not be the problem. Instead, you could live in an area where glare enters your windows – either from the sun reflecting on the water or another reflective surface. It could be that the sun is perfectly positioned to shine brightly – too bright – through your windows in the morning or as it sets. Light-filtering shades reduce glare but still allow natural light in your rooms.

Screen Innovations offers the Duo model that includes an interior shade, which has a thick fabric for room-darkening. However, the outer shade is sheer with light filtering properties. By touching an icon on your smart home tablet or a button on your remote, you control either shade to reduce or completely eliminate glare in your rooms and protect artwork and fabrics from fading.

4. Lights, Shades, & Home Entertainment!

Nobody wants to watch a movie in your home theater if the shades are up. Instead, most people prefer a dark theater where they can immerse themselves in the movie with no distractions. Stop the light streaming through your windows with blackout shades. They prevent natural light from disrupting the cinematic experience, creating the perfect space to watch movies, TV shows, and games. Like all the other shades from Crestron and Screen Innovations, they’re so easy to control. One button press does it all!

Want to know more about the advantage of installing motorized shades in your home? Call the Premier Group or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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