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How New Moms Use Smart Security and Surveillance

How New Moms Use Smart Security and Surveillance

If you are a new mom, you are discovering that everything changes when you bring an infant home—from your sleep schedule to your daily habits. A smart home automation system complete with security and surveillance will help you and your spouse care for your newborn. From smart doorbells and intercoms to thermostats, lighting, and surveillance, The Premier Group is ready to help protect your little one with technology.

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1. Silent Doorbells, Intercoms, and Smart Locks

The last thing you want after putting a baby to sleep is for your doorbell to ring loudly through the house. To help prevent your infant from waking up, use a video doorbell or intercom system to get a silent notification on your phone that someone is at the door. When your smartphone buzzes, you’ll know a guest has arrived to visit and then you can unlock the door right from there, or open it quietly for them. Of course if you see it’s a stranger using the video intercom, you can ignore the buzz.

Another way to eradicate the use of loud doorbells is installing smart locks. If your mom comes to visit the newborn, you can create a custom user code so when she arrives, she can just punch in the code and walk inside your house. Your baby won’t wake up and you’ll get to spend more time catching up with friends and family.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Sometimes you want to check on your little girl or boy, but don’t want to risk opening the door and startling them out of a deep sleep. Most moms have some kind of baby monitor, but surveillance cameras work even better by capturing your baby on video. You can see exactly where they are, if they are tossing and turning and if they have climbed out of the crib. You can view video footage on your phone, tablet, or touch screen. Some of our cameras even have sensors that detect movement, so you’ll only get an alert when your baby is moving around. When your child is a bit older, you can continue monitoring their behavior—whether it’s playful or dangerous. Toddlers are especially curious and are known to work their way into places they shouldn’t be. So if they ever end up playing in the bathroom, opening a laundry door, or messing with the dog while you’re not looking you’ll have an extra set of eyes to keep on them.

3. Instant Alerts

Our security systems not only alert you when someone has broken into your home, but they also use sensors to detect fires and floods. If a pipe bursts, a fire breaks out or a window breaks you’ll know about it instantly with an alert to your phone. If a relative or a babysitter is watching your kids while you are out, you can easily stay connected to him or her and what’s going on at home with these alerts which will send an email notification or text message to your phone.

Keep your infant comfortable and protect your family with the most sophisticated and easy-to-use security and surveillance systems from The Premier Group. To learn more, fill out this online form

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