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How Lighting Automation Adds Luxury & Style To Your Home

kitchen with wooden chairs and lighting system.

Reduce clutter and add a spark to your residence with lighting control 

Lighting automation brings you great convenience and comfort. Lutron takes convenience to the next level by leaving conventional light switches behind. Instead control is available via dedicated touchpads or elegant on-wall keypads that consolidate many fixtures. Read on to learn more about lighting automation and how it adds luxury and efficiency to every space in your Zionsville, IN residence.



Is your beautiful home decor hampered by light switches peppering your walls? Lutron lighting automation offers the ultimate solution with its Palladiom keypads. These keypads are flush-mounted on the wall and incorporate custom-engraved buttons. You’ll be able to reduce multiple switches into one keypad and choose from a variety of colors to match your decor. Palladiom keypads are available in plastic, glass or metallic finishes. 


With Lutron, you have full control of the lighting in your home. Through Lutron's intuitive interface, you can dim or brighten the lights in a room or your entire residence with a touch of a button on your tablet, smartphone or wall-mounted panel. Create elegant scenes that activate just the precise lighting you require. 

For example, if guests come over for a karaoke night, tap the "Entertainment Night" scene to activate colorful lighting that encourages activity. Lighting automation can also work with voice control, so you can turn on lights, pull up different scenes or dim the lighting in a specific room indoors or outdoors with your own voice.


Lighting automation will allow you to set up and program different schedules or actions for lights to automatically turn on, dim, or turn off. If you are an early bird, you can program your lighting system to turn the lights on gradually until the room or your entire house gets fully illuminated. 

In addition, you can program your lights to turn on from time to time to simulate that someone is home even if you are on vacation. Set up a geofence so that the lights in your home turn on when you approach the door or turn off when you leave in the morning. 

Our technicians will help you program and configure your entire lighting system so that all you have to do is tap on the desired scene and enjoy. An automated home exudes luxury and style in every space. Your home will come alive with the power of lighting design. Thanks to lighting automation, every room in your smart home will have more color and presence, and you will have the absolute power of lighting.

Want to learn more about lighting automation for your Zionsville, IN home? Contact us or fill out our online form. We are ready to help you!


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