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Home Theater System Essentials for Your Man (or Woman) Cave


The term “man cave” has become quite the buzz word over the years. It refers to a secluded space specifically reserved for the man (or men) who want to enjoy movies, music, games or other hobbies away from everything and everyone else in the house. It’s a space dedicated specifically for you and your interests. Although the word “man” is in the name, the cave doesn’t have to be all about the dudes. This blog is for the female home theater enthusiasts as well – even the entire family. Designing a man cave or dedicated home theater starts with the right design in your Indianapolis, Indiana home. 

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Choosing the Right Space

Many Indiana homes have basements, and that’s exactly the ideal place for a man cave, also known as a dedicated home theater. The reason for that is there are no windows so sunlight can’t create glare on the screen, there aren’t many openings or doors to affect the sound’s performance, and it’s a cozy space away from any noise or distractions upstairs. With Indiana basements, you have the opportunity to create a space that “takes you away.”  A creatively themed space can even make you feel like you’re on vacation… forgetting about the stresses of daily life.  Of course, if you don’t have a basement available, all you really need is a room such as a bonus room or extra guest room, or any area out of the way where we can install everything you need for premium home entertainment.  Just keep in mind that it should be a closed off area, not an open one, so that we can install in-wall speakers behind and above you.

Picking the Purpose

A man cave can be used for many things. You could add a pool table, dart board, bar and of course a massive flat screen TV. First think about how you want to use the space. Are you going to entertain guests or spend time alone? Are you primarily going to use it for movies and shows, or are you a gamer? We can tailor the room to meet your exact preferences. If a high-end home theater is what you desire, we’ll install a sound system that includes multiple speakers in the wall – above, behind, and beside you – an HD or 4K projector and large screen or a TV, and any other accessories as needed. We have movie servers like Kaleidescape and other video streaming sources that can give you access to endless amounts of content. If you’re a gamer, we can hang multiple TVs on the wall to create a video wall so that you can have fun in a multiplayer mode. For a multi-purpose space, we’ll outfit your man cave with every media source and device you own, then integrate everything together so that your space is easy to control and transform for any purpose.

Other Details to Consider

Concrete walls and floors can degrade the sound quality, we may need to cover them up with something softer, like carpet, drywall, or acoustic panels. Fabric wall panels can also help absorb the sound and prevent reverberation. If you are installing a home theater system in a space with windows, we can install blackout shades to block out the light. If you want to enjoy entertainment with the windows open, we also have special screens that still look incredible in the daytime. If your room is small, you need to consider the size of the screen. Bigger isn’t always better, however, with ultra high resolution displays you can now enjoy a picture much larger than you ever thought possible.  With 4K technology, you can sit just a few feet away from the screen and not notice pixilation. We measure the distance between the screen and your seat to ensure the picture is immersive, but beautiful. Besides all of the aspects regarding the quality of the sound and picture, consider investing in an integrated system like Control4. You’ll be able to easily control all the lights, shades, thermostat and more in the room to create a comfortable space for just you or all of your family and friends.

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