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Home Theater System Essentials for the Indiana Homeowner

Home Theater System Essentials for the Indiana Homeowner

So you love movies, sports, games, and anything involving a relaxing night in with a big bowl of popcorn at your side. Well, this blog is for you – film critics and entertainment enthusiasts. The experts at The Premier Group know how to make your home entertainment experience bigger and better with a new home theater system installed in your Indianapolis, Indiana home. Here are three of our must-have recommendations to get you started:

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1.  4K Projection System

If you desire the newest, hottest technology on the market then you’ll definitely appreciate the experience of a home theater system in 4K Ultra High Definition. 4K displays produce about eight million pixels, or four times the resolution of your current 1080p display.  These new systems and screens have incredibly vivid colors, and are so crystal clear it feels as if the images are in 3D.  You can sit super close to the screen, immerse yourself in the content, and you won’t see any fuzzy details. As one of our trusted partners, Sony produces the industries’ leading lineup of 4K projectors so you can experience the difference on large format screens up to 150” or more.  With incredible clarity, brightness, and amazing 3D capabilities, you aren’t going to want to miss out on this system.

2.  Surround Sound    

To create the same kind of excitement, and grandness you get in the theater, you need a powerful sound system that has been calibrated and tested for performance. Our team has experience with a wide variety of unique layouts.  Proper planning will ensure that, when theater construction is complete, everything will sound and look great, despite any challenges. For example, if there is a door in the room, or your theater sits on an outside wall, or it’s adjacent to or below a bedroom or nursery, we can install sound proofing to make sure the loudness is retained in the room.  Properly designed acoustical treatments eliminate unwanted echo or reverberations within the room. We’ll also strategically place the speakers around the room to create stunning effects during your show, including embracing the latest Dolby Atmos audio format that transports you into the story with audio that flows all around you with breathtaking realism.  You can expect professional-grade performance, as good as or even better than the best theater down the street. The best part is that in your own home, you get to determine what and when you watch, and how loud you want to play the sound.

3.  Fancy Furnishings

When you select a custom home theater installed by the professionals at Premier, you can tailor every feature to your own preferences. From the color of the walls and the type of seating to the wall art and smart controls—you can truly make it your own work of art. We can help with the interior design and also make sure it doesn’t affect the quality of the system’s performance. With simple remote, touch panel, or smartphone control from Control4, you can save settings and experience the luxury of pressing one button to set the scene for the ultimate movie night, or ball game.

If you’re excited at the thought of watching your favorite shows, movies, sporting events, or playing video games in a professional-grade theater, give us a call. We can work within your budget to create the home theater of your dreams. Get started by filling out this online form.

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