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Holiday Home Theater Guide

Holiday Home Theater Guide

The holiday season is coming up fast. You may be busy still getting into the swing of school and fall events, but before you know it, you’ll be eating turkey with family and stringing up lights on your Zionsville, IN home. It may be a good time to start thinking about what kinds of gifts you’ll be giving to family and friends. If you are thinking about giving a home theater system to someone special, now is the time to start working with us! Whether you want to give a surround sound system to that audiophile friend, or a full dedicated home theater to your spouse because they love movies so much, we can help giftwrap any home technology project you like. Keep reading to discover our Holiday Home Theater Guide.

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For the Music Lover – Surround Sound Bliss

Does your friend or family member absolutely love music? A surround sound system would be the perfect choice for them. Most systems come in sets including right and left front speakers, subwoofer, two speakers in the rear and either an upward firing speaker or in-ceiling speaker to recreate that lifelike sound. Dolby Atmos compatible equipment is the best choice because they can watch movies in 3D audio. The sounds will immerse them in the action and give their heart a thrill. How do you gift wrap it? Place the speakers near the tree and wrap each one, or place a special note in their stocking sending them to their own dedicating listening room or media room. 

For the Whole Family - The Epic Movie Server Everyone Will Enjoy

Why settle for a Blu-ray player or Roku streaming device when you can access thousands of movies in HD and 4K with a Kaleidescape Movie Server. The Strato delivers true Ultra HD at 60 frames per second. It also supports 3D audio including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. With 10 terabytes of space, you can store up to 180 4K movies, 330 Blu-rays, or 1,500 DVDs. Store your current collection of films and purchase and download new ones to one convenience location. The digital movie experience is easy to use and fun to browse through. It will be tons of fun for everyone in your family. How do you wrap it? Since the Strato Player is sleek and compact, you can easily wrap this movie server up with a beautiful bow. 

For that Very Special Someone – Their Very Own Private Cinema

Lastly, you can go all out and hire The Premier Group to install a private cinema in your home for a loved one. First, choose a location for the dedicated theater then think about a color scheme or theme for the room. Pick the person’s favorite movie, sports team, or era in time. Do they love to eat soft pretzels at the movies or nachos? We can help you make those extra special touches by working with interior designers and building contractors to build every area with extra attention to detail. We’ll also follow your budget and give you different options for various products. Of course every speaker, screen, and projector will be high quality. How do you wrap a room? You could tell your loved one ahead of time that you are giving them a home theater, or make it a complete surprise. We’ll do our best to be discreet during construction and then on the holiday, blind fold them, lead them to the cinema and then watch them open their eyes with excitement when they learn they have their own private space for enjoying video entertainment. 

If you are thinking about giving any of these systems for the holidays, let us know now! Don’t wait too long to decide what you’ll be wrapping for loved ones this year. 

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