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Here Are The 3 Best Ways You Can Enjoy Smart Energy Control


Summer here in Indiana is approaching, and that means two things: Warmer weather is on its way, and so are higher energy bills.

If you want to make a conscious effort to lower your energy spending this year and beyond, adding smart home technology to your property can help.

In this post, we explore three of the best intelligent lighting and climate control technologies you can include to lower the energy consumption in your Westfield, Indiana home.

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Smart Lighting Systems

One of the most fundamental ways you can save energy this summer is by investing in smart lighting.

Instead of using typical incandescent bulbs, opt for LED lights throughout your home – which use at least 75 percent less energy. These lights also last 25 times longer, on average, compared to standard bulbs.

Integrating your home’s lights into a custom control and automation system also will help limit your energy spending.

Not only can you dim each light to reduce energy consumption, but you also can include occupancy sensors throughout your system that automatically will turn area’s lights off when a space is vacant.

Best of all, you can control every light in your home through an easy-to-maneuver interface on your smartphone or tablet – allowing you to ensure no light remains on at night and that you don’t unnecessarily consume energy.

Motorized Window Treatments

As warmer temperatures arrive, your home’s interior heats up, and your HVAC system consumes more energy to keep your house cool.

What if you could include window shades, though, that automatically roll down at the detection of sunlight and reflect heat attempting to enter your home?

Motorized solar shades serve this exact purpose. Just automate your shades to roll down during specific hours of the day or include photosensors that will direct your shades to lower at the detection of sunlight.

Since these shades are so reflective, your interior will take longer to heat up – meaning you’ll save energy otherwise spent cooling your home.

Smart Thermostat

A thermostat featuring smart technology serves a critical purpose: It’s your key to regulating the temperature of your home’s interior – even while you’re away from home.

Not only can an intelligent thermostat provide you eco-friendly temperature recommendations, but it also can learn your day-to-day schedule for automated temperature functions.

This is especially helpful for climate control when you’re away from home. Your smart thermostat can launch into eco-mode, meaning it will operate at a temperature optimized for saving you energy.

Of course, a smart thermostat won’t allow your home’s interior to get too hot during the summer. But it will ensure you will save energy during the warmest months of the year.

Want to learn more about smart climate control and how it can help save you from unnecessary energy consumption this summer?

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