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Get Your Home Super Bowl Ready with Home Automation


You may be busy doing Christmas shopping or thinking about New Year’s dinner, but the Super Bowl isn’t really that far away. Do you have everything you need for one of the biggest parties of the year? 

If you anticipate having friends and family over you Carmel, IN home for the event, consider using home automation to help with the planning process and hosting your guests. It will make the occasion more fun and less of a hassle. 

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STEP ONE: Consolidate Your Remotes

Take a look at your coffee table right now. Does it have more than two remotes sitting on it? 

Even more than one remote can be confusing to people who just want to change the channel or volume. The Premier Group has universal remotes that not only control your TV and surround sound, but the lights, shades, thermostat and more. 

Your guests will be able to turn up the volume during the half time show, change the temperature in the room if they get cold, and dim the lights too if they desire. Our remotes are clearly labeled, back-lit, and even have a touch screen at the top that display favorites. 


STEP TWO: Create a Custom Scene

A smart home scene is a custom setting you can quickly access for special and everyday occasions. A “Super Bowl” setting will prepare the room in an instant. 

Schedule the scene to come on right at 6 p.m. The TV in the main media room turns on to NBC, lights dim to 75 percent, fan turns on, and close shades. 

Feel the urge to pee or grab a snack in the middle of the action? The scene could automatically broadcast the audio through all your home’s speakers so you can move around without missing out on anything. 


STEP THREE: Prepare the Food!

No Super Bowl party is complete without food. It’s estimated that 1.3 billion wings are devoured through the US during the game each year! 

Want to contribute with your famous cheese dip or potato salad? Your smart home automation system can help! 

First off, use Amazon’s voice control assistant Alexa to help you follow recipes. It can play back ingredients for you and help you search for things online. 

Alexa can also turn up the light to make the kitchen brighter (which is convenient when your hands are full preparing that nacho cheese dip), and play music to to make cooking even more fun. 

We can customize your Indiana home to make every occasion extra special and easy to plan. Just contact us online to get more information on our services and prices.

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