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Get Ready for the Holidays with Smart Home Automation

Get Ready for the Holidays with Smart Home Automation

The last three months of the year have the Holiday heavy hitters- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Whether you love dressing up in a scary costume, enjoying a football game before a turkey dinner, or decorating the house for Christmas or Hanukah, there are so many fun activities to participate in this time of year. When you have smart home automation, organizing and enjoying special occasions can be so much easier. We have some tips for you as you prepare for the holidays in your Zionsville, Indiana home.

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Plan Parties with Saved Scenes

Having a fall party and want the home to look and feel just right? With Control4, you can save settings ahead of time and name it, like “Fall Feast”, so that when the day comes all you have to do is hit one button for the seasonal playlist to come on, the lights to dim, and the shades to come down. If you have a whole house music system, you can play different songs in each area of the house, or play the same playlist everywhere. No more rushing around the house trying to get everything set up perfectly. Set the scene with the press of one button on your smartphone or tablet. That’s the magic of automation.

Add a Kaleidoscope of Colors to Your Displays

While tablescapes, decorative displays, and hanging art can make your home look festive, lights are also an essential element to creating the right mood for your holiday. Phillips has a line of smart light bulbs called HUE than can emit all the colors of the rainbow and tie into your Control4 system. So not only will you save money with lighting control, but you’ll have fun too picking different shades for a party or just some casual fun with friends. Pick pumpkin orange for a fall display, and then red and green for Christmas.

Project Video on a Feature Wall

Music, lights, and props can all make your lawn and interior rooms look amazing for the holidays, but how about projecting a movie or video clips on a feature wall to add some pizazz? For Halloween, play a creepy scene from a scary movie, and then in December stream a holiday favorite like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. We can hang a TV any place you like, or set up a mobile projector for you so you can move it throughout the house and then store it later. You’ll be able to easily stream content to the screen or feature wall and change the settings at any time with a remote or app on a mobile device.

Excited to get ready for the Holidays? Truly enjoy your favorite pastimes with smart home technology and custom audio video. Start today by filling out this form.


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