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Get Creative with Your Home Theater Design


How a Private Cinema System Can Be Transformed into a Multi-Purpose Space

Not long ago, home theaters were used for one primary reason: to watch movies. But things change. Many homeowners want something more creative and personalized for their home theater systems – a multi-use, versatile space that serves different purposes. While watching movies and TV programs is still the primary activity, the room can just as easily be used as a music-listening area, a room to enjoy company and cocktails, and a place to play games, such as pool, ping pong, virtual golf, and more. 

The right technologies and room design help to make a multipurpose space possible. Keep reading to discover the three ways to transform your home theater system in Zionsville, IN, into a unique and engaging entertainment area.

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Where Movie Magic Happens

A home theater wouldn’t be complete without a big screen, surround-sound system, and luxury seats. Even though you’re creating a multipurpose space, your home theater should look the part – with a 4K display (TV or projector/screen system) that’s front and center. Here’s where your favorite programs and movies come alive – with high color, contrast, and clarity.

When it comes to hidden technology, you’re in good hands with Screen Innovations. They manufacture projection screens that are best-in-class for watching a movie with the lights on or off. When not in use, it can rescind into your ceiling. State-of-the-art, ultra-short-throw projectors cast large vivid images and sit inches from the screen – eliminating any ceiling clutter.

An Incredible Surround-Sound Experience

Not only does a high-end, surround-sound system immerse you in the movies – with ultra-realistic audio coming at you from all angles – but it’s the perfect way to listen to the songs you love. Tap an icon on your smart home tablet to hide the screen, dim the lights, and turn up your audio system. Then, let your favorite music wash over you. Brands like Bowers & Wilkins and Anthem make it all possible: high-end music for a high-end listening experience!

As you sit in your comfortable chair with drink in hand, you won’t need to get up for a thing. Is there someone at the door? Your smart home system will alert you. Pause the music and see who it is through your video doorbell. There’s no need to manually adjust any technology. The lights, motorized shades, audio-video system, and all other technologies in the room and throughout your house are at your command with your touchpad or smartphone app.

It’s Time for Home Entertainment

Of course, it’s immensely entertaining to watch movies and listen to music in your media space. But they don’t need to be the only focus. Behind your theater seats, you could put a billiard table, pool table, poker table, wet bar, or virtual golf course. While high-end music is playing in the background, you and your friends can rack up the pool balls or play blackjack.

If it’s family night, play an online group game on the big screen or even a board game together. Your entertainment area can be whatever you want it to be. In fact, Acoustic Innovations is a brand that specializes in customizing home entertainment spaces to match the theme and design of your choice.

Think differently. Make your home theater system into a space that is uniquely yours. Call The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, chat with us on this page, or fill out our online contact form to discuss your new home theater today.

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