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Geo-Fencing: The New Security Trend for Safer Homes


The greatest benefit of having a smart home is not needing to take extra time to manage your household amenities, like the security system, lights, shades and more. The system is intelligent enough to operate on its own so you can take time to focus on the more important tasks in your life, like work and family. Geo-fencing is another way your smart home runs automatically based on specific programming by professionals. While many government-run facilities and big corporations use geo-fencing to maintain high security, you can use it as well to protect your property, family members and valuables. In this blog, we explain what geo-fencing is, how it makes your system more efficient, and how to incorporate it into your security and surveillance systems in your Zionsville, Indiana home.

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What is Geo-Fencing?

Geo-Services allow you to create an invisible fence around your property that arms your alarm system to work whenever a person crosses it, or when you step outside of it. Your system uses cell phone tower triangulation, which is accurate between 10-50 feet, to gauge where you are. Once you pass that barrier, either going in or out, certain rules will go into effect.

How do I use it with my smart home?

Geo-fencing can be used for security purposes, but you can also take advantage of the technology to save energy and do a variety of other tasks. For example, when you leave for work in the morning, you don’t have to go through the hassle of arming it. As soon you move out of the perimeter, it will activate and lock your home. If anyone steps through that perimeter during the day, it will assume the person is an intruder and sound the alarm and send you a text message or email. The geo-fencing capabilities can also set your thermostat to a specific degree, turn off the lights and lower the shades.

Aside from making you safer, geo-services can also make your home more energy efficient. Typically, the HVAC system uses up the most energy. So set your thermostat to adjust according to your location. In the summer, it will go up once you leave to save electricity and then cool back down as soon as you cross that invisible geo-fence.

Surveillance and Beyond

While geo-fencing is certainly the newest trend in security, there are many ways to protect your home. Here are a few basic ways we can install a surveillance and security system in your home that will give you peace of mind:

  • Smart Locks: Never leave the key under the door again! Open and close your doors using a mobile device at any time from any location. As soon as the babysitter or postman arrives, give them a temporary passcode or open the door for them. Your system will always let you know when a door has been left unlocked and then you can fix the issue right away with wireless technology.
  • Surveillance Cameras: Our cameras can be used to capture break-ins if they occur, but they can also be used to monitor pets, babies, and visitors. Check in on any room in your home at a moment’s notice. You can keep an eye on your security system as well, and individual security zones as well using the Control4 interface.
  • Arm/Disarm Wirelessly: The Control4 interface allows you to arm and disarm your system by pressing one button on your phone, or a touch panel in your home. You can send a panic alert, view the history of all logged security events, and even directly control security sensors. It's also easy to send a fire, police or panic alert from your touch screen, even while the security system is disarmed.

We’ve written many articles about all we have to offer when it comes to securing your Indiana home. Read more on our blog and contact us if you need to schedule a discovery meeting with our professional team.

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