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Explore the Possibilities in Today’s Home Audio-Video

A chic living room with a large gray couch, floor-standing speakers, an in-wall fireplace, and a large TV.

Experience First-Class Home Entertainment

Today’s home entertainment has moved far beyond the “one remote for every device” mindset. Thanks to smart homes, internet connections, and streaming services, our entertainment systems have transformed into whole home high-definition splendor and high-resolution audio. Today, home audio-video sources are tucked away from view, and every device is controlled from one simple, intuitive interface. Times have definitely changed. 

At The Premier Group, we specialize in designing first-class home entertainment systems. These range from whole-home audio-video systems to home theaters that rival the best cinemas in Fishers, IN. Media rooms offer spaces with the latest AV equipment hidden from view until ready for use, and outdoor entertainment systems rival their indoor equivalents. We believe the design is as important as the sound and images that leave you breathless. 

Let's explore a few options and determine what entertainment system might be right for you. 

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High-Performance Audio-Video Throughout Your Home

Today, you can experience high-definition 4K video throughout your home and high-fidelity audio in every room. The goal for our team is to create the ultimate entertainment while enhancing your home’s design. To accomplish this, speakers are hidden in the ceiling and walls, painted or plastered over. TVs are displayed as artwork or photographs or disappear in ceilings, floors, or furniture.

All devices—such as cable boxes, Apple TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and music equipment—are concealed in a custom-engineered AV rack in a dedicated area. All these sources are shared with every room. Gone is the remote—today, everything is controlled from a user-friendly platform, the same one that manages the home’s lighting, climate, shades, security, and more.

The result is limitless, high-performance entertainment. Now, everyone can kick back and enjoy their own content. At dinner time, choose a playlist and let it stream through your home, hearing every note with breathtaking clarity.

The Home Theater or Media Room

At The Premier Group, we design stunning home cinemas that rival any cineplex. Press the “Movie Night” button on a touchscreen or remote, and the projector and screen descend as the surround sound engulfs you. The image is so real and the sound so immersive that it allows you to suspend your disbelief and enter the on-screen world.

Some of our clients appreciate the growing trend known as the media room. These spaces are designed with a family’s many activities in mind. It might be the space for early-morning yoga, relaxing with a book while enjoying your vinyl collection, playing the latest video game, and gathering with friends for a sporting event. And, of course, there’s always movie night, experienced in stunning 4K high-definition video.

Browse through all your content on one device, from media players to portable devices, and enjoy Blu-ray movies and satellite TV. When ready, we can add whole-home automation, enabling your shades to lower, lights to dim, and the movie to begin with one touch.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities in today’s home entertainment? To learn more about home audio video or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Premier Group today.

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