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Entertain the Right Way with Outdoor Video

Entertain the Right Way with Outdoor Video

When considering your next home upgrade, we suggest thinking outside of the box — or more literally — just outside. Why limit your smart technology to inside the home? Incorporate outdoor video on your Indianapolis, IN property. With this technology, you can take your shows and movies outside — whether you’re entertaining with a lot of guests or if you’re just enjoying your system alone to relax after a long day.

In this blog, we’ll look at what you can do with outdoor video at your home.

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Entertainment Without Walls

Spending time outside — out of the walls of your home or work — is not only important for your health but can be an enjoyable change of scenery from the indoors! Enjoy it without having to take a break from your favorite media.

Install a flat screen TV in your outdoor area for a new experience. We partner with brands like Séura and Sony, just to name a few, to provide well-designed TVs for any setting.

Stream your must-watch shows or select a movie from your library. Once you select what to watch, let it play as background entertainment for a get-together, or make it the main attraction.

The caveat to watching any screen outdoors during the day is the glare from the sun. Outdoor TVs use anti-glare technology to minimize that glare along with high-contrast images, so you and guests can enjoy an uninterrupted visual even during a bright day.

Taking any technology outside can seem risky due to the potential damage, but outdoor technology has been developed to withstand the weather. Intentionally-designed TV screens can handle outdoor climates — be it a storm or particularly hot day. 

Once it’s installed, all you have to do is enjoy.

Integration with Other Products

Your outdoor video system can work well with your other technology to provide a luxurious experience. Enjoy watching TV at night while your outdoor lighting system keeps the space sufficiently-lit for you to navigate the area without the lights interfering with the screen.

Moreover, you can incorporate a high-end outdoor audio installation to provide high-quality sound to accompany your TV. With outdoor entertainment, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for the sake of setting.

Enjoying your outdoor video system is a breeze and can enhance any social gathering. In fact, watch your favorite show while taking a swim in the pool, or simply set up a cozy space with blankets and pillows.

Why stay inside this season when you can have a unique viewing experience while enjoying the warm weather?

Ready to see what an outdoor video system looks like for your property? Reach out to us online or give us a call at (317) 580-1032.

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