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Does Your Home Network Need an Upgrade?


An Enterprise-Grade Home Network Installation Ensures Corner-to-Corner Coverage

There was a time when our connected devices consisted of a laptop or two and a desktop. Those times have changed. According to a 2022 Deloitte survey, the average number of connected devices in U.S. households is 22. If you live in a smart home, your internet-connected devices grow exponentially. This connection is vital for your home to function effectively, including your home’s security, lighting, climate, and entertainment. 

Does your current home network installation provide the bandwidth your smart home requires? Let's explore the signs suggesting your home network needs an upgrade and how to ensure fast and reliable internet coverage corner-to-corner.

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Signs of Insufficient Bandwidth

Dropped feeds from smart cameras, voice commands that fail to lower the shades, and lights that refuse to dim are just a few of the many signs that suggest your home network can no longer support your smart home. Before these failures appear, there will be minor signs that let you know your network needs an upgrade. 

These come in the form of slow downloads, buffering during streaming movies, and dropped connections when you head to a corner of your home or out on the patio. 

The Problem with an ISP Network

As the demand on your home’s network increases, connecting a router to your ISP-provided modem no longer suffices. The more devices, particularly bandwidth hogs, such as video streaming and gaming consoles, the more traffic and demand on your home network

The Solution

At The Premier Group, we’ll perform a thorough property-wide site survey of your home’s current network capabilities. We’ll determine any dead zones or areas the Wi-Fi does not reach. Additionally, by calculating the many connected devices, the bandwidth needed, and the number of people using the internet at any one time, we can determine the requirements for your home network.

Some systems may need new routers, mesh networking, or strategically located wireless access points that expand coverage throughout the property. When possible, wired connections are always more reliable and stronger than wireless ones. That said, the new Wi-Fi 6 standard has revolutionized the speed and security of wireless connections. Upgrading to this new standard requires a Wi-Fi 6 router.

Once you have a robust enterprise-grade network, you can hold a video conference without having to worry about how your video stream appears if the kids decide to play a round of Mario. You can head out to your patio with your laptop confident your internet will support you. And your connected smart home will respond to your every request.

Work with a Professional

At The Premier Group, our expertise in home automation and home networks ensures your system has the capabilities to power your smart home and all your connected devices without slow downloads or dropped connections. To learn more about a home network installation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact The Premier Group today.

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