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Do You Want the Fastest Internet Connection Possible?


Advanced Home Network Installation Includes Wi-Fi 6 & Internal Fiberoptic Cabling

You’ve got the best connection to the internet, which includes fiberoptic cabling from your home to your ISP (internet service provider). You may even have wireless access points and Wi-Fi repeaters throughout your home. And yet, you’re still having Wi-Fi signal problems, slow internet, and other issues with your home network. So, what’s the problem?

While there are many products on the market that claim to boost your Wi-Fi signal and increase your internet speeds, they often fall short of their promises. This blog will highlight the best solutions that ensure a fast and consistent home network. Keep reading below to see what’s essential to have a state-of-the-art home network installation at your Indianapolis, IN, home.

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The Woes of a Weary Wi-Fi

It happens all the time. You’re in the middle of a film, enjoying movie night in the home theater with your family, and suddenly . . . the video starts buffering. Or maybe you’ve had connection problems or lags when trying to view live or recorded surveillance footage on your smart home tablet. What’s even worse is connection problems when you’re in the middle of a work-related video conference call.

Why does this happen? There are several possible reasons. First, let’s assume you have the best internet plan with fiberoptic cabling. If so, then the problem probably relates to having many Wi-Fi-dependent devices in your home, a Wi-Fi device that’s too far away from the router, or outdated Wi-Fi technology. Fortunately, Wi-Fi 6 addresses all of these problems.

Introduced in 2019, Wi-Fi 6 improves overall network performance with faster throughput speeds and expanded signal reach. It also reduces interference from other wireless signals coming from inside and outside your home. Most importantly, your home network won’t get bogged down by too many wireless devices on the same network. Add as many smart home products as you like. You’ll never have a problem with connectivity!

Is Fiberoptic the Effective Fix?

Upload and download speeds of 1,000Mbps! Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? That’s what fiberoptic cabling promises, and to some degree, it delivers. But you might not see the effect in your home. That’s because most homeowners have Cat5 cabling within their homes. So, if your devices (such as a TV or hardwired access points) are connected to Cat5 cables, you will not get anywhere near 1,000Mbps.  

The real solution is to install fiberoptic cabling inside your home. If not fiberoptic, then at least Cat6. Then your entire home network installation will be set up for incredibly fast speeds – no matter how many devices are on your home network. By setting up Cat6 or fiberoptic hardwired Wi-Fi access points from Ruckus networking in your home, you’ll increase your wireless range. This is important if you have an expansive luxury estate.

Are you interested in a home network installation and upgrade that gives you the speed and connectivity you need? Call The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, chat with us on this page, or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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