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Assembling Your Design Team

Assembling Your Design Team

Building a custom home is a lot of work, but assembling a valuable team of tradesmen that you trust can greatly take the day-to-day pressure off of you. As a technology design partner, we know that our strongest projects stem from being a part of the early planning discussions. The design team is generally comprised of your architect, interior designer, builder, and technology provider. Oftentimes, your builder will pull all of these trades together early in the process, to make sure that the plans and design vision are commonly shared. It is the best way to confirm that the plans all coordinate from one trade to the other. For example, understanding wall finishes, cabinetry designs, mechanical placements, door and window schedules, to name a few, helps all parties involved gain a better understanding of their own rough-in and finish installation requirements.

As a technology provider, we meet separately with the homeowner to understand their budget and expectations as it relates to smart home technology. The process starts with an Exploration Meeting. This is a time where we help educate clients on our capabilities and options available in the categories of Entertainment, Automation, Security & Networking. At this meeting we also dive into the construction drawings and begin to discuss what expectations might be with each room in the home as it pertains to the four aforementioned categories. At our second meeting, you can expect us to come back with a CAD drawing of our technology design based on feedback in the Exploration meeting, overlaid on the blueprints to start the budget discussion. We will generally “bracket” the project with a high and a low budget for consideration and will walk you through each of the options to better explain what the two different numbers might offer in your home. From there, we listen to the customer’s priorities and start to dial-in on the final technology design.

 Working with the design team during the build process is an ongoing conversation from start to finish. The ultimate goal is that all of the clients’ technology goals are achieved on a timeline, with the most design-forward solution available on the market, and most importantly… on budget. Follow us on Instagram (@PremierGroupIndy) and Facebook (@PremierGroup) for ideas and inspiration from all of our projects!

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