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Over the 20 years Premier has been in business, we can confidently say that the best projects are those where the trades work well together; making sure that each other’s work is completed at the highest level, all while collaborating across specialities to complete the project with the best possible result for the client.

 We start our design process listening to the customer’s needs and desires as it relates to technology in their home. Oftentimes, our clients will think that some of their “wish list” just isn’t feasible based on the spacial plan, but one of the many fun parts about our role is to present installation concepts and innovative products that they might not have otherwise known about to accomplish those special needs they thought weren’t possible. In many circumstances, we will then take these ideas to their interior designer, and collaborate on the most seamless installation that keeps with the design aesthetics of the interiors. We always go the extra mile to accomplish the most elegant outcome. (Credit: Interior Designer, Julie O’Brien)

 KE7C1108 2

Here, we are showing a recent project that falls within the picture we’ve painted above. The homeowners hoped to have a television in their kitchen, but without any empty wall space to accommodate one, they thought they would have to do without. That was, until we shared the concept of a motorized TV lift that would be embedded into one of the kitchen islands. When not in use, it virtually disappears with only a faint hint that something might be below the surface outlined by the thin seam in the stone countertop. The TV also swivels 360 degrees so there are endless viewing angles to accommodate whether they’re seated or cooking in the kitchen! (Credit: Interior Designer, Julie O’Brien)


 In this example below of another collaborative effort, our homeowner hoped to have a television in her line of sight from her office nook just off of the kitchen. However, with minimal wall space due to the large expanse of glass in the home, her priority was to have art placed on the wall that would have worked for a television. Our designers were excited to share a concept that was seemingly the ; a motorized art lift. This would allow the art to always be the focal point, but in those instances where she wanted to watch the television, the art lifts to reveal a television creatively recessed into the wall.  (Credit: Interior Designer, Brandy Ketterer)

Kitchen Art TV Up

Perhaps you want to hide your TV. Or maybe you have a completely different technology challenge for us. We are located inside the Indiana Design Center, and would love to setup a private consultation with you for your existing home, or as you start to explore your new construction or remodel project!

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