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Change the Look and Feel of Your Home with Lighting Design


How Smart Lighting Design Adds Ambiance and Personality to Your Home 

It happens all the time. Homeowners search for lights at a store or online, fall in love with one, and then bring it home to put in their room. But that’s where the lights go out on their lighting love affair – because it doesn’t achieve the results they want. That’s because there’s a big difference between a light and lighting design

In order to enjoy a home with rich lighting ambiance, you need a design that complements your personality and style. Companies like Tech Lighting specialize in designing lighting fixtures meant for every area of your home. Keep reading to see what customized lighting design and high-end fixtures can do for your home in Carmel, IN.

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You Want More Than Illumination

The lights in your home aren’t simply functional – like a flashlight. Instead, they set the mood for the room, an event, or an activity in the space. A basic lighting layout provides the light you need but not the character you want. Customized lighting design gives you a brighter and more beautiful experience in your home. Here are a few rooms that will benefit from new lighting layout and design. 

The Kitchen

Recessed lighting in the kitchen? That may have seemed like a good idea in the past, but you have better options now. Why not add a chandelier over your dining room table, undercabinet lighting, in-cabinet lighting, and decorative pendant lights? Premium brands, such as Tech Lighting, create the perfect products to complement your space and create the look and feel you want. 

The Bathroom

Mirror, mirror on the wall – get rid of vanity lights once and for all! In the bathroom, go from 3-bulb vanity lights to a lighted mirror that accents your lovely image. After all, those overhead lights and vanity bulbs aren’t doing you any favors. They cast shadows that make you look tired and highlight wrinkles or other questionable features that aren’t as prominent as you think. A fully optimized lighting design in your bathroom makes the room more attractive and elevates your self-image as well! 

The Home Theater

Imagine going to a movie theater that has only fluorescent lights on the ceiling. It would certainly kill the magical movie-watching experience, right? The same is true in your home theater. You want to create an environment that is cinematic, not subpar. The best way to do it is with well-placed wall sconces, floor lights, fiberoptic ceiling lights, and ambient lighting. Now, instead of your home theater looking like a partially converted garage, you enjoy a space that whisks you away into another world. 

Smart Home Control Meets Lighting Design 

We’ve only covered three rooms in your house where you can transform your lighting design. But there are many others – living rooms, media rooms, hallways and closets, game rooms, and outdoor spaces. The Premier Group can help you design a personalized lighting layout for every space. Best of all, with smart home automation, you enjoy seamless control of every lighting zone right from your touchpad or mobile device. 

Are you interested in lighting design with smart home control? Call The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, start a chat on this page, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to bringing more light and beauty to your home! 

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