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Enhance Collaboration with Today’s Video Conferencing Solutions

A modern conference room with two displays and in-ceiling speakers.

Discover the Potential in the In-Demand Huddle Space

While still unclear exactly where it’s landing, it’s certain that, in some form, the hybrid workforce is here to stay. A survey by Boston Consulting Group found that, at the beginning of 2023, just over 50% of companies in the U.S. offered flexible work schedules. By November, that number rose to over 60%. 

Some companies are still pushing for a traditional five-day, in-office work week, citing better collaboration and increased productivity among staff. Others note increased employee retention, enhanced innovation, and reduced travel costs as reasons they offer flexibility. They’re also attracting top talent, a critical component in some industries.

So, how can businesses in Indianapolis, IN, support their changing workforce while maintaining or enhancing their company’s culture? The answer lies in creating spaces that encourage collaboration and improve productivity. For many, that translates to huddle rooms with video conferencing solutions




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