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Will Acoustic Treatments Ruin My Home Theater’s Design?

A home theater with wooden acoustic panels on the wall.

Not With Our Home Theater Installations! Here’s How We Merge Acoustics & Style 

If you’re building (or already own) a home theater, you’ll need acoustic treatments. When speakers play, sound waves bounce off walls and cause reverberation or ‘reverb.’ In a home theater with several audio channels bouncing around the room, that can cause a lot of reverb, which distorts the sound. Low, rumbling bass notes may overpower the space, and you’ll miss small audio details and dialogue. 

Acoustic treatments are so important we’ve written a separate article about how they can make or break the home theater experience. But when it comes time to install acoustic treatments, you may wonder, what will they look like? And will they ruin my home theater’s look? 

Acoustic treatments don’t have to take away from your home theater’s aesthetic. In fact, they can even enhance the atmosphere. Here’s how we merge style and acoustics for home theater installations in Fishers, IN. 

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A home office with a bookshelf, desk, and display over a fireplace.


Today’s smart homes have an incredible number of connected devices. All your many systems are linked to your home automation platform and each other. This interconnected ecosystem enables your shades to lower when a room gets too hot and the lights to brighten in response. In addition, your connection to the internet allows you to receive security alerts and complete video conferencing sessions without disruption. 

In essence, your home networking system in Indianapolis, IN, is your smart home’s backbone, and its reliability and speed determine how your smart home responds. The issues occur when we continue to add connected devices without considering the strength of our home network. Before we know it, however, we’re receiving reminders in the form of dropped calls, slow downloads, and the dreaded buffering wheel when streaming Netflix. When our smart home is slow to respond to voice commands, we know it’s time for an upgrade.

Let's look at what this upgrade entails and why it's so important to the reliability and security of your smart home. 

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An Audio Video Installation Makes Your Home Look And Sound Better

A brightly lit game room with a bar framed by stone arches.

Discover How A Professionally Installed System Enhances Every Moment

In his 1697 play, The Mourning Bride, poet Willam Congreve proclaims, “Musick has Charms to soothe a savage breast.” While the line has morphed to end with ‘beast,’ the meaning is the same. The sounds surrounding us have the power to move and transform our environments and ourselves. 

The sound of your home matters. Factors like the acoustics and managing the impact of noise from the outside world affect your peace of mind. An audio-video installation gives you the power to energize a room, boost your emotional and physical well-being, and inspire creativity in every moment.  

Are you curious how your Carmel, IN, home can become more entertaining? Continue reading below to learn more!

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View of a white kitchen counter with white cabinets, the window above the sink fitted with a custom motorized shade.


Whether you currently have motorized shades in your Indianapolis, IN, home, or you're considering adding them, this blog post is for you. There are many reasons to add automatic shades to your living space, but there might be a few out-of-the-box motivations you hadn't previously thought of that make your choice to automate your window treatments a good one!

Keep reading to discover the lesser-discussed reasons for adding automatic shades to your home! 

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Refresh Your Space with LED Lighting Fixtures

Home living space featuring a dining table and living room with LED light fixtures.

LED lighting brightens up your space while reducing energy costs. 

LED lighting fixtures come in various styles and sizes to fit any room in your Zionsville, IN, home. From recessed lighting to pendant lights, LED lighting fixtures offer a modern look with plenty of illumination. LED lighting can freshen up your living space in many ways while positively impacting your energy bill. Keep reading to discover how LED lights and The Premier Group can improve your home!

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Spend More Time Outside by Adding Outdoor Audio to Your Backyard Space


In-Home Entertainment Continues Beyond the Back Door

Summer is fast approaching, and with the beautiful warm weather and backyard barbecues come vacation from school and kids spending more time indoors on their electronics. Of course, this isn't always the case. With day camps, local parks, and time spent with friends, there's plenty of time for play.  

So, why not make the most of your Indianapolis, IN, backyard? Adding outdoor audio will encourage your family to spend more time outside. Keep reading to discover the ease that comes with bringing your favorite entertainment beyond the back door. 

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Lighting Control at the Touch of a Button or Turn of a Wheel

A living room with various light fixtures, a fireplace, and large picture windows.

Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Daylight & Electric Light Effortlessly

What do you think of when you read "Lighting Control”? For many people, the first thought that comes to mind is turning the lights in their home on and off, whether with the flip of a switch or the turn of a knob. But, thanks to the continued advancements in technology, that term means so much more today. 

As smart technology advances, more homeowners are managing the lighting in their homes with beautiful custom-engraved keypads, high-resolution touch screens, and motorized shades. As a result, they're not only controlling their electric lights effortlessly but daylight as well, creating a seamless exchange of natural and artificial light that sets the perfect stage for life’s many activities.

Let’s explore the world of smart lighting control and how it’s changing homes in Indianapolis, IN.

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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Property


Enhance Your Outdoor Entertainment with the Latest Outdoor Sound Systems

While concert halls like Vienna’s Musikverein are universally recognized as the best in the world, outdoor concert venues also rank high in popularity, one of these being the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Attending an outdoor concert imparts a sense of freedom, listening to music as it floats through the air and drifts away. 

Wherever we are, at the best concert venues the world offers or in our homes, music has the ability to transport and inspire us, freeing us from our cares or bringing back memories from long ago. It can motivate or relax, keeping us jogging that last mile or melting into the hammock at day’s end. 

Recognizing the power music holds, homeowners turn to The Premier Group to create indoor and outdoor sound systems that bring high-fidelity music to every corner of their property. Are you ready to experience crystal-clear, detailed music no matter where you roam? For those who need some inspiration when swimming laps, we can even install high-performance speakers in your pool. 

Let’s explore the latest outdoor sound systems and how they're changing how homeowners and their families in Carmel, IN, enjoy their outdoor spaces. 

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Let Your Home Light the Way with Lighting Automation

An illuminated living area with varying light fixtures

Create the Perfect Lighting for Every Activity

Lighting plays an integral role in our home's aesthetics and functionality, yet little has changed in how we control it since the light switch was invented in 1917. Or, has it? For those who live in a smart home and have embraced lighting automation, much has changed. 

Let’s explore what this evolution means to homeowners in Fishers, IN, and why now may be the time to replace your light switches with the beauty and ease of today’s smart lighting control.

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Explore the Possibilities in Today’s Home Audio-Video

A chic living room with a large gray couch, floor-standing speakers, an in-wall fireplace, and a large TV.

Experience First-Class Home Entertainment

Today’s home entertainment has moved far beyond the “one remote for every device” mindset. Thanks to smart homes, internet connections, and streaming services, our entertainment systems have transformed into whole home high-definition splendor and high-resolution audio. Today, home audio-video sources are tucked away from view, and every device is controlled from one simple, intuitive interface. Times have definitely changed. 

At The Premier Group, we specialize in designing first-class home entertainment systems. These range from whole-home audio-video systems to home theaters that rival the best cinemas in Fishers, IN. Media rooms offer spaces with the latest AV equipment hidden from view until ready for use, and outdoor entertainment systems rival their indoor equivalents. We believe the design is as important as the sound and images that leave you breathless. 

Let's explore a few options and determine what entertainment system might be right for you. 

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