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Are You Clueless About Home Networking?


Discover How Ruckus Improves Speed and Connectivity in Your Home

What’s a router, a modem, or a wireless access point? You may have heard their names, but do you really know what they do? The truth is . . . you may not want or need to know! Instead, your main priority is to have a fast and reliable home networking system. The Premier Group knows home networking, and we’re here to set up a system (or upgrade your current one) to ensure dependable performance.

We use Ruckus Wireless, a technology provider that designs and produces advanced products to make sure your entire home network works at its highest potential. Keep reading to gain some understanding about home networking, Ruckus, and why you may need an upgrade in your Indianapolis, IN, home.

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A Strong & Stable Connection

You don’t enjoy buffering videos in your home theater, poor-quality Zoom conference calls, or lagging responses from your Wi-Fi smart technologies. Unfortunately, that’s what you get when your home networking system isn’t up to speed. With Ruckus products installed in your home, you won’t experience wonky Wi-Fi or irritating internet connection problems.

Ruckus uses its own BeamFlex technology to ensure greater speeds, reliable connectivity, and expansive bandwidth in your home. This is accomplished with adaptive antennas. When they’re strategically placed throughout your interior and exterior spaces, the BeamFlex system guarantees a powerful signal everywhere. They are like wireless access points – but superpowered!

No Interference on Your Network

Another impressive feature of Ruckus is its “no interference” approach to home networking. For instance, sometimes those 4K video lags and connection problems have nothing to do with a slow internet connection or poor Wi-Fi signal. Instead, your Wi-Fi network is in close proximity to your neighbor’s signal or another wireless device. Fortunately, Ruckus efficiently navigates around these issues.

No matter how heavy the Wi-Fi traffic is around your neighborhood, Ruckus knows how to “get along” with all other technologies. Using BeamFlex and other networking solutions, it only pays attention to your home network, circumventing any other signals that create interference. The result is a smart home that is truly smart and one that responds consistently when you’re ready.

Seamless Roaming

A Wi-Fi access point has a coverage range of about 1,500 square feet in a typical home and as little as 1,000 square feet in a custom home. Framing, mechanicals, appliance walls, fireplaces, brick, stone, glass and other materials cause interference. So, it’s not unusual to need at least 3 and possibly up to 6 or 7 or more Wi-Fi access points strategically placed within a custom home based your square footage and how “friendly” (or unfriendly) your homes materials are to Wi-Fi signals.

That means… your devices have to “roam” from access point to access point. The problem is, your device doesn’t know how big your house is, or how many access points there are needed for coverage. We’ve all experienced the “spinning wheel of death” on our mobile devices, when connectivity is lost… or “confused.” 

Ruckus has patented technology to manage the handoffs of your devices as you move throughout your home. The access points communicate together and transfer your devices from one access point to another for a seamless experience, whether you’re browsing the internet or watching a video. 

Is it time to upgrade your home network? Ruckus could be the answer for you! Get started by calling The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032, chatting with us on this page, or filling out our online contact form to request a consultation.

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