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5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

5 Smart Home Features to Attract Home Buyers

Whether you’re a real estate agent trying to sell homes, a builder creating new residences, or a couple trying to sell their property it’s always a good idea to consider different ways to attract home buyers. In the past, smart home automation was only enjoyed by a select few. However, builders and real estate companies are starting to realize the advantages of upgrading homes with automation in order to sell properties fast for top dollar. In this blog, we highlight the main features of a smart home that will help you sell an Indianapolis-area residence quicker and easier. 

1. Lighting Control

A well-lit home will appear brighter and more inviting. Not only will a professional lighting installation ensure that the house is well-lit (no uneven spaces or dark corners), but it will also make it easy for the homeowner to manage their lighting while at home or away. Using a mobile device, remote, or touch screen, homeowners can set the lights to come on during a certain day, turn them all on or off by pressing one button and dim the lights to varying levels of brightness. It’s convenient, it can help keep energy bills low, and it’s great for highlighting a home’s décor.

2.    Motorized Shades

The biggest selling point for motorized shades is their energy-efficiency. They help insulate the home in the winter and cool the home in the summer. Smart shading can also be coordinated with smart lighting to take pressure off the HVAC system, and save money and energy throughout the year. Besides those practical benefits, smart shades ensure the homeowners’ privacy by giving them easy-to-use controls. Out-of-reach windows can be covered in a second by pressing a button on a mobile device.

3.    Climate Control

There’s a reason why Nest Learning Thermostats are so popular. Homeowners love how easy it is to set the temperature from their smartphones. We can go beyond just a smart thermostat though. Ask us about our full climate control and energy management solutions that monitor your home’s energy output all year round and respond intelligently to keep your home comfortable regardless of the weather.

4.    Smart Security

Security is the number-one smart feature that attracts homebuyers. Surveillance cameras, smart locks, and an alarm system will give them peace of mind and convenient controls for vacationing or managing a second home. They can check in on their property at any time by watching a live video stream of an area, or search through saved video clips later in the day. Smart locks enable users to give temporary codes to guests, cleaning or maintenance professionals, or babysitters. 

5.    Professional Networking

The last thing you want is to be showing a home and have the potential home buyers discover that they have no cell service or Wi-Fi access in certain areas. Ensure reliable coverage in every room of the home with a professional networking installation. Cellular boosters and wireless access points are strategically placed throughout the home for top-notch, reliable performance.

Whether you’re in Indianapolis, Carmel, Geist, or another area of Indiana, The Premier Group is your smart home automation expert. We work with builders, interior designers, real estate agents, homeowners, and more to develop high-quality, easy-to-use technology.

Contact us online or by phone at 317-580-1032 for more information.

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