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3 of the Ways You Can Upgrade Your Surround Sound System

3 of the Ways You Can Upgrade Your Surround Sound System

If you have a surround sound system at home, you already know how it delivers an enjoyable auditory experience.

Whether you’re sitting down to listen to your favorite music or you’re watching your favorite film, surround sound allows you to experience audio from multiple directions.

Perhaps you’re ready to upgrade your existing surround sound setup, however. What options do you have?

From adding it to a whole-house audio setup to adding new speakers to your arrangement, we explore some of the best surround sound upgrades you can make to your home in the Carmel area below.

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Add it to a Whole-House Audio Setup

While a surround sound system is designed to deliver audio within a defined space, it doesn’t necessarily need to be isolated from your home’s other speakers.

In fact, you can include your surround sound system as part of a multi-room or whole-home audio setup.

Using a Sonos:Connect device that connects to your receiver, you can add wireless connectivity to your surround sound setup. Regardless of whether your system is in a separate space or is part of a great room within your home, a Sonos:Connect will add those speakers to any whole-home audio setup.

This is especially useful for when you are throwing house parties, for example.

With just the tap of a button on your smartphone within the Sonos application, you can play your favorite Spotify playlist from not only Sonos speakers throughout your house but also from your once-passive surround sound speakers, as well.

As you add music to every corner of your home, you will deliver a more engaging experience for your family and your guests.

Make Your System Dolby Atmos-Compatible

You likely have heard about Dolby Atmos before. But what exactly is it?

Atmos is a revolutionary audio format for movies and some video games that delivers sound to be an immersive, previously unexplored experience.

Regarding speaker configuration, Atmos goes beyond the traditional surround sound setup by also demanding two overhead speakers. This allows for the viewer to listen to audio in a genuinely three-dimensional format.

But what truly distinguishes Atmos is how sound is processed. You will need an Atmos-enabled receiver, but within an Atmos system, each speaker produces unique sound within a scene that is designed to immerse you in the action. To make you feel as if you are experiencing the movie – not just watching it.

Our team at The Premier Group can help you not only determine if your existing surround sound setup can support Atmos audio format but also install in-ceiling speakers entirely hidden from view while still delivering a world-class auditory experience.

We even can add a new receiver to your existing setup, if necessary, calibrate your system to support this best-in-class audio format.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Of course, one of the most efficient and immediate ways to upgrade your existing surround sound system is to update the equipment you currently are using.

This especially might be necessary if you want to experience the immersive qualities of Dolby Atmos audio.

But a simple upgrade of your speakers and receiver might even improve the overall sound quality you experience as you listen to music or watch a movie.

Our team at The Premier Group works with several high-end audio brands, including Sony, Bowers & Wilkins, and Sonance, for our surround sound system installations.

Just by merely upgrading your equipment to feature more high-end audio technology, you will instantly notice a positive change in the quality of sound you listen to.

Not only will audio sound more defined, but it will feel as if you are a part of the action rather than just listening to it from afar.

Want to learn more about how our team can work with you to upgrade your home’s surround sound system? Perhaps you are interested in our whole-house audio solutions?

You can reach out to our team right now by clicking the button below.

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