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3 Essential Technologies That Enhance Your Home Theater Design


Make Your Private Movie Theater More Magical with These State-of-the-Art Products

Not all home theaters are created equal. Some are simple; some are elegant. And others miss the mark entirely. Instead of being a private cinema space that immerses you in vivid displays and hi-fi audio, it’s nothing more than a slight improvement of the entertainment system you’d find in the living room. You deserve much more than that! Your home theater design should capture your imagination and be a magical place for premium home entertainment.

The three components that bring your media space to life are audio, video, and ambiance. If any one of them is subpar, then your home theater experience suffers. Keep reading to learn how these three key ingredients can take your home theater in Westfield, IN, from adequate to amazing.

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The Sound of Superb Audio

One of the most important features of a movie is the audio. You might not consider it top on your list. Still, without a captivating music score, creative and realistic sound effects, and clear dialogue, movie watching would be a frustrating (even boring) experience. That’s why it’s so important to have a high-quality surround-sound system in your home theater. TV speakers simply won’t do. You need rich and robust audio that surrounds you.

Surround yourself with sound that offers expansive depth and clarity like you’ve never experienced before. Two of the leading audio manufacturers that can do this for you are Anthem and Bowers & Wilkins. Both are award-winning companies of world-class sound solutions for home theaters, media rooms, whole-home sound systems, and more. The optimized performance you’ll enjoy promises pure audio that puts you front and center when watching a movie or TV show or listening to music.

The Vision of a Vivid Display

When HD televisions became widely used in the early 2000s, people were captivated by the vivid color and clarity that came alive on their screens. That’s because the number of pixels had doubled – compared to standard definition TVs. HD TVs boast 2 million pixels, bringing more detail into focus on the screen. Today, however, you’d never want to put an HD TV in your home theater. Now, there are better options.

4K TVs have more than 8 million pixels, and they take advantage of innovative technology to produce blur-free, bright, colorful, and ultra-high-definition displays. They come in many sizes too. But if you really want to go big and better, then installing a 4K projector and screen by Screen Innovations is the answer. Is 160” big enough? Talk about a big-screen experience! Projector screens by Screen Innovations capture the purest whites, darkest blacks, and most vivid colors possible.

The Essentials of Ambiance

You can’t watch a movie without a display, and you can’t truly experience it without the sound. And yet, there’s one more component that is integral in having a magical movie experience: theater ambiance. Without the right décor, acoustics, and seating, you might as well watch a movie on your phone. Acoustic Innovations blends the art of home theater aesthetics with proper acoustic treatment to create an immersive media environment.

Whether you want a classic look, a modern feel, or an art deco theme for your theater, it’s all possible with Acoustic Innovations. The solutions they offer bring a true cinematic feel into any home theater. From luxury theater seating to columns, marquees, cabinets, and other décor, their products and solutions transform any room into a masterful movie space.

Breathe life into your private cinema with high-quality displays, premium audio, and custom décor. Get started today by calling The Premier Group at (317) 580-1032 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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